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Amos Daragon: A kids' favourite now in English

perro.jpgWhen Bryan Perro was a kid, he was a jock. He played basketball and even ran in the Montreal Marathon when he was only 12! 

But at 14, he picked up a book and found worlds so fantastic, he wanted to read more.

He also wanted to create worlds of his own. Bryan started to write. His stories of danger, adventure and super powers are just what boys 9-12 years old want to read.  

His Amos Daragon books are a huge hit in French.

Now, the first book of the series "The Mask Wearer" is available in English and 16 other languages worldwide.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Bryan Perro.

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Bernard Labadie

Bernard Labadie is Founding and Artistic Director of Les Violons du Roy.

The recording Bonbons was nominated for a Juno Award in the category Classical album of the year: large ensemble or soloist(s) with large ensemble accompaniment.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Bernard Labadie.

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All in a Weekend Election Panel

Heading into another federal election, Dave wonders, "Do we really need another six weeks of this $#@!?"

From now until we go to the polls, we'll check in weekly with blogger Steve Faguy and community activist Sujata Dey for an irreverent take on the campaign.

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Saving precious art

Bas_Relief.jpgLe Musee de la Civilisation in Quebec City recently purchased seven wood bas-reliefs from  l'Eglise de l'Annonciation in Oka.

They are more than 230 years old, but had been vandalised and damaged.

Listen to Dave's interview with Marie-Paule Robitaille, a curator at Le Musee de la Civilisation.

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The Pantry Part 6 -- Pickles

pickles in studio.JPGWelcome back to the Pantry, where we have a plate full of pickles. But the smell of vinegar is, mercifully, very subtle.

We meet Stelio Perombelon, the chef at Les Cons Servent. (The name of the restaurant is a pun. It sounds like the French word for pickles, les conserves, but can be roughly translated to "idiots wait tables.")

Now, Les Cons Servent may have a playful name, but Stelio is serious about pickles. He shows us how he make pickled onion.

And in studio Dave meets the pickle patriarch of the Mrs. Whyte's pickle company.

Simon Witenoff is part of a long line of master picklers in the Witenoff family.
He sold Mrs. Whytes about 15 years ago. But pickling brine seeped its way into Simon's veins, and he just can't stop pickling.

Check out some great photos on our Facebook page.

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Schwartz's: The Musical

schwartz5.jpgWhen you think of things that inspire musicals, sandwiches may not come at the top of the list.

But the Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich isn't just any sandwich. It's legendary.

"Schwartz's: The Musical" will open at the end of this month at the Centaur Theatre.

Montreal comedy duo George Bowser and Rick Blue wrote the musical, and they are also performing in it.

Listen to their conversation with Dave:

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Graham at SXSW

sxsw2.JPGAll in a Weekend technician/studio director Graham Lessard took the weekend off to head down to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest music festival and conference.

It's a major event in the music world; a place where musicians and producers can make connections and maybe even find that elusive big break.

There are lots of parties going on at SXSW, but that didn't stop us from waking Graham up early to check in and see how it's going.

Listen to Graham's conversation with Dave:

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Not enough sleep?

Most of us aren't getting enough shut eye, especially kids.

Reut Gruber is a clinical child psychologist and researcher at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Gail Sommerville is director of complementary services with the Riverside School Board.

They are working together on a project at Harold Napper Elementary School in Brossard.
It's called Sleep for Success.

And the goal is to teach kids  -- and their parents -- that getting enough sleep is anything but lazy.

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Leaving Tokyo

CBC producer Craig Dale was reporting from Tokyo after the earthquake and tsnuami hit Japan.

But with high levels of radiation threatening his safety, he and his wife made the difficult decision to leave.

Listen to his conversation with Dave:

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MTL Punk

punk.jpgErik Cimon and Alain Cliche are the producers of "MTL Punk, La Premiere Vague/The First Wave''.

The film is part of this year's 29th Festival International du Film sur l'Art.

Listen to their conversation with Dave:


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Art Therapy

There are lot of worries in the world: devastation in Japan, unrest in North Africa and the Middle East.

And then there are the things that don't make headlines, but are equally devastating on a personal level -- relationships breaking up, losing a job, or the death of a loved one.

Many people turn to psychotherapy to help them deal with these problems -- or even pharmaceuticals.

But our next guest has another aproach: art therapy. That can mean doing visual arts, drama, music or dance.

Pascale Annoual works as an art therapist here in Quebec, and as someone of Haitian origin, she has also taken art therapy to Haiti to help the people there deal with the devastation caused by the earthquake.

Pascale is also Vice President of the the Quebec Art Therapists Association.

On Saturday, they held a tradeshow at UQAM for people to learn more about art therapy.

Listen to Pascale's conversation with Dave: 

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The Pantry Part 5 -- Pigs

2photo.jpgThis week the pantry is looking a little like Lord of the Flies.

We have a sliced, rolled up pig's head. A plate of piglet liver pâté. And a stuffed pig's stomach.

We're talking about pigs, and the people who love pigs enough to skip the grocery store and the butcher. They make their own meat products -- starting wiht the pig from the farmer, and ending up as charcuterie on the plate.

Jennifer Warren drops in on Jessica Mudry, food scholar and mom of two who buys whole pigs from a farmer in Kingston and makes her own sausages and Italian charcuterie.

She does all of this from her duplex in Petite-Patrie. It's not unusual to find part of pig hanging in her powder room. 

And Derek Dammann, Chef at DNA Restaurant in Old Montreal, stops by the studio.

Homemade charcuterie is a cornerstone of DNA's menu. It's a restaurant where pretty much any part of the pig could show up on your plate.

Derek thinks it's not only delicious to venture beyond ham and bacon. He says we also have a moral obligation to use the entire animal.

You can find lots of great photos on our Facebook page

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Shtetl on the Shortwave

SHTETL ID.jpgTamara Kramer is the host of Shtetl on the Shortwave.

It's a program on McGill University's radio station CKUT that examines Jewish art, culture and history in Montreal. 

She is also web mistress of


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Hockey Violence

Violence in hockey is nothing new.
But after Zdeno Chara's shocking hit on the Habs Max Pacioretty, the level of reaction from inside and outside the hockey world is noteworthy.
Air Canada and Via Rail are threatening to pull their sponsorship support from the NHL, and the Montreal police department has launched a criminal investigation into the hit.
That got us wondering, what's happening in womens hockey, a sport with supposedly minimal bodychecking?
Lisa-Marie Breton is the captain of the Montreal Stars and co-founder of the Canadian Womens Hockey league.
They are playing in the playoffs this weekend in Montreal.
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Update from Japan

Guest host David Gutnick checked in with Craig Dale, a former Montreal journalist currently living in Japan, to find out what it's like in the days following that country's biggest earthquake.

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Sugar Shacks

Marie Claude Perreault is co-owner of Cabane a Sucre Lalande, a sugar shack just outside of Montreal, and Diane Laverdiere is director of Erabliere le Chemin du Roy in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, about 20 minutes west of Quebec City.

Guest host David Gutnick spoke to them as they are getting ready for the start of sugaring-off season.


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Montreal's Grand Central

train.jpgThe Montreal Railroad Modelers Association was founded in June 1950, and first laid their tracks down in an apartment building basement.

In October 1973, the tracks were moved to their current location beneath the railway viaduct serving Montreal Central Station.

The Canada Central just may be the biggest model train layout in North America.

Now the association is looking for a new location to house their model railroad - a vast enterprise that includes the scale equivalent of four thousand kilometres of tracks, thousands of scale model wagons and locomotives and even its own private beach.

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Cinderella in Sherbrooke

It's Cinderella Saturday today in Sherbrooke.

There is an academic symposium all about Cinderella, a musical theatre production of Cinderella at the Centennial theatre, and there's even a Cinderella ball.

Shelley King is professor of English Literature at Queens University in Kingston, and George Rideout wrote the music and lyrics for this stage adaption of the classic story.

Guest host David Gutnick spoke with them by phone in Sherbrooke.


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The Pantry Part 4 -- Pasta

Mike finished cavatelli dish.JPEGWhat's in the pantry this week?

Well, it's time to loosen the old belt...we have several plates of homemade pasta

Jennifer Warren visits Michele Forgione, the new chef at Koko Restaurant at the Opus Hotel.

Michele shows us how he makes traditional Sardinian Cavatelli.

As you can see in the picture, he serves it in a tomato sauce with some sauteed eggplant and spinach.   Delicious!

And pasta maestro Philip Coloccia drops by the studio with enough pasta to serve the entire Italian football team.

Phil is the owner of Pates Fraiches Coloccia in Montreal. From his unassuming little storefront on Jean Talon Street, he and his family churn out over 50 different kinds of fresh pasta.

And it ends up on the plates of restaurants like the Ritz-Carlton and the legendary Da Emma in Old Montreal.

You can see more great photos on our Facebook page.


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Moms in 2011

modernmoms.JPGMarch 8th is International Women's Day.

Around 50 years ago, Betty Friedan was working on "The Feminine Mystique", a key text in the second wave of feminism.

Friedan wrote about "the problem that has no name", referring to the choice that women were forced to make between a family a career.

Today, many women are mothers and professionals. But there are still many difficult choices to be made.

Three modern moms, Mitali Ruths, Shari Okeke and Mindi Shear (left to right, in the photo with Dave) came in studio to talk about those choices.

Listen to their conversation with Dave:

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Taking God to the Outports

rev.jpgVery Reverend Michael Pitts has found himself busier than ever in retirement.

Until 2009, he was dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal.

But now, he's found himself on a new assignment - making regular trips to minister to the people along the lower north shore.

In this photo, he is celebrating Eucharist in Chevery.

Listen to his conversation with Dave:

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Suddenly Something Happened

suddenlysomethinghappened.jpg"Suddenly Something Happened" is a graphic novel by Jimmy Beaulieu that's just been translated into English.

The book is Jimmy's autobiographical account of a story familiar to many young people: moving from the small town to the big city.

Jimmy moved from Ile D'Orleans to Montreal, with hopes of developing his career as an artist.

But along the way, he got distracted by Montreal's notoriously beautiful women.

The women -- and the city -- are lovingly portrayed in the book, "Suddenly Something Happened."

Jimmy Beaulieu spoke with Dave in the All in a Weekend studio.

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World Premiere

Imagine composing a piece of music, and then hearing it played for the public for the first time ever.

That's what will happened this weekend for Peter Togni.

You may know him as host of CBC Radio 2's Choral Concert.

He's also a composer himself, and on Saturday Montreal chamber choir Viva Voce performed the world premiere of a new piece he wrote.

Listen to Dave's chat with Peter Togni and Viva Voce director Peter Schubert.

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The Pantry Part 3 -- Leftovers

Jo with salad.JPEGWe're back in the pantry again this week.

Bah! Nothing on the shelf but leftovers: half a shriveled turnip, some spaghetti sauce, and Chinese take-out from another decade.

Leftovers get a bad rap.

But they can also be a great chance to experiment in the kitchen.

This week on The Pantry, CBC's Jennifer Warren ambushes private chef Joanna Notkin. Joanna's challenge: to create something yummy using JUST the leftovers in her fridge.

As you can see from the photo, it was a success! There are more photos on our Facebook page.

And Dyan Solomon of Olive et Gourmando stops by studio. She gives us the inside scoop on how leftovers are used in high-end restaurant kitchens, and shares some tips from top chefs on how to make leftovers into an extraordinary new meal at home.  

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Jeux du Quebec

hiver2011.jpgThe provincial finals of the Jeux du Quebec are taking place in Beauharnois and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield until March 5.

Fourteen-year-old Kayla Côté‏ is the skip of the "Chicks Rock" curling team.

Her team is representing the Sud Ouest Region.

Angela Burton is their coach.

Listen to their conversation with Dave.

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