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The Pantry Part 2 -- Smoked Meat and Fish

finished salmon yum.JPEGWelcome back to the Pantry, the latest addition to All in a Weekend.

Today we have a couple of things on the shelf: a bag of hickory wood chips and a beautiful filet of smoked salmon.

Smoking meat and fish began as a preservation method. But now more and more people are doing it because it's so tasty.

Today on the on The Pantry we meet Ernest Webb. He's and film and TV producer from Montreal who spends his weekends up at Lac Chaud, north of Mont Tremblant, where he smokes salmon the way his grandparent did. (Check out photos of the whole process on our Facebook page.)

And David Ferguson, the chef at Jolifou restaurant in Montreal stops by the studio. He's added a lot of smoked meat and fish to his menu, but not with out some near disasters back in the kitchen!

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