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February 2011 Archives

Historic Building

trendhouse.JPGWhen we think of historic buildings, we tend to think of ancient churches or houses a century old or more.

But in Beaconsfield, a debate is brewing over whether or not a house built in the 1950s should be given historical protection.

It's the Trend house; one of 11 unique, thuroughly modern houses built across Canada.

The Beaconsfield Trend House needs major repairs. The people who own it want to tear it down.

But others -- including the family of the architect who designed it -- are rallying to save it.  Dave spoke with the grandson of architect Philip Goodfellow, who is himself an architect.

Do you think we should be protecting mid-century modern architecture?

Or should it be up to the people who own the house to do what they want?

Write in with your comments on our Facebook page.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Philip Goodfellow:

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Surprising cinema


hommedieux.JPGDes Hommes et Des Dieux depicts the assination of seven monks in Algeria in the mid-90s.
And it was a huge surprise box office hit in France, selling over 3 million tickets.

The film opened on Friday here in Quebec, and for the occasion, one of the people who helped make it visited cities around the province.

Henry Quinson lived in a monastary for almost six years after quitting his job as a financial trader.  Following his time at the monastery, he spent more than a decade living in a poor, mostly Muslim neighbourhood in Marseilles.

He acted as the "monastic advisor" for Des Hommes et Des Dieux, ensuring that the film accurately portrayed monastic life. 

Listen to his conversation with Dave.

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What's that sound?

hurdygurdy2.jpgIt's an ancient instrument with a beautiful, haunting sound and a fascinating history that goes back nearly a millenium.

The hurdy gurdy produces sound when strings are bowed by a rosined wheel, with the pitch adjusted by playing a keyboard.

Tobie Miller is a Montrealer who spends most of her time living and travelling in Europe. She's playing the hurdy gurdy when her ensemble gives a concert next week in Westmount.

Hear her chat with Dave as well as an excerpt from her upcoming performance.


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Dolly Parton was My Mom

This evening, "The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom" will be the closing film at Montreal's Rendez-Vous du Cinema film festival. 

In Winnipeg in 1976, 11-year-old Elizabeth Gray finds out she's adopted, and decides to travel south of the border to get Dolly Parton to become her Mom. 

Dave spoke with actor Julia Stone (Elizabeth) and Montreal filmmaker Tara Johns.

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G is for Gaspé

A is for agate and Appalacians.

B for boat beach and bay.

C for cliff, clouds and coast.

A group of people in the Gaspé region have just come out with a new Gaspé Alphabet book.

It's a labour of love that's taken over a year to produce.

Each letter features the artwork from a different artist from the region.

And the text highlights some of the things that make the Gaspé unique.

Dave spoke to Diane Skinner and Linda Drody about the book.


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The Pantry Part 2 -- Smoked Meat and Fish

finished salmon yum.JPEGWelcome back to the Pantry, the latest addition to All in a Weekend.

Today we have a couple of things on the shelf: a bag of hickory wood chips and a beautiful filet of smoked salmon.

Smoking meat and fish began as a preservation method. But now more and more people are doing it because it's so tasty.

Today on the on The Pantry we meet Ernest Webb. He's and film and TV producer from Montreal who spends his weekends up at Lac Chaud, north of Mont Tremblant, where he smokes salmon the way his grandparent did. (Check out photos of the whole process on our Facebook page.)

And David Ferguson, the chef at Jolifou restaurant in Montreal stops by the studio. He's added a lot of smoked meat and fish to his menu, but not with out some near disasters back in the kitchen!

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Montreal New Music Festival

The fifth edition of the Montreal New Music Festival runs February 18-26.

Walter Boudreau is a composer, conductor, and known to never be without his red Converse high tops.

Dave stopped by Walter's office at the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec as he was preparing for the festival to begin.

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Running with the dogs

canicrossdesneiges 017.jpgThere were a lot of happy dogs this weekend up at Lac Delage, north of Quebec City. We all know there is nothing a dog likes better than a run in the snow.

Canicross is an event where you run a race with your dog. 

Héryk Julien is one of the organizers of Canicross des Neiges at the Manoir du Lac Delage.

Listen to his interview with Dave as he was setting up for the event.

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The Montreal Highlights Festival

Photo-Mellissa CRAIG.jpgThe Highlights Festival is a favourite time of the year for foodies.

Chefs from all over the world are visiting some of Montreal's best restaurants.

This year the festival is celebrating female chefs.

One of them is Melissa Craig from Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler. She's hosted by Chef Laurent Godbout's Chez L'Epicier.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Melissa:

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kAdmOs, Damned Be the Hands That Did this Thing

Y_Farber-5349_MAXIME CÔTÉ.jpgPlaywright Yael Farber says: "The Greek Tragedies have a remarkable way of showing just how far we haven't come in 4000 years."

Farber wrote and is directing a play called "kAdmOs, Damned Be the Hands That Did this Thing" at the National Theatre School.

It's an adaptation of The Theban Plays by Sophocles.

It's a play that draws heavily from current affairs and politics.

No wonder, because Yael Farber grew up in the political hotbed of South Africa in the 1980s.

Listen to her conversation with Dave:

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 "kAdmOs, Damned Be the Hands that Did this Thing" runs February 22-26 at the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre of the Monument-National, 1182 St. Laurent Boulevard, Montreal. Tickets: $9, available at the Monument-National Box Office. Call 514-871-2224.

(Photo Credit: Maxime Côté)

Let's Talk About Sex!

hivtoolkit.jpgNo matter how open minded you are, it can be tough to talk with teens about sex. 

And it doesn't help that there aren't sex ed classes anymore at school. Under educational reform, teachers are expected to fit the topic into regular classes, like history or English. 

Now, a community group, AIDS Community Care Montreal, has launched a website to give teachers across the province a "toolkit" to help talk with their students about sex.

You can access the toolkit here.  

Anthony Buccitelli and Talia Storm came into studio to talk about sex with Dave.

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Ballet legend Alicia Alonso

aliciaalonzo.jpgThe Cuban National Ballet is at Montreal's Place des Arts this weekend, performing the ballet Giselle

The grande dame behind the world-reknowned company is Alicia Alonso, who at 90-years-old still acts as artistic director for the company.

We managed to edge our way in through a crowd of admirers to speak with this fascinating woman.

Hear her story here:


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Welcome to the Pantry! Part 1: Burgers

Gitaburger2.JPEGWe've done some renovations around here at All in a Weekend. They've finally given us a pantry! We can get pretty hungry down here in the basement of the CBC building, so we'll be stopping in here every week for a while to see whats on the shelf.

Every week on The Pantry, we are going to take a closer look at something you might find in your pantry or kitchen.

And this week, we're talking about burgers.

Our Jennifer Warren takes us to the Nouveau Palais in Montreal's Mile End, where young chef Gita Seaton (in the photo) recently took over the kitchen at this classic Montreal diner.

Dave eats a high-end burger from Kitchenette while on the air.

And burger fanatics Chris "Zeke" Hand and Ryk Edelstein of the Montreal Burger Report weigh in on what they think separates the real burgers from the pretenders.

Listen here!

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We want to hear from you.

Where is your favourite burger joint? Or, how do you make burgers at home. Tell us on our Facebook page, where you can also see some great photos taken during the production of this story.

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Eric Peterson in Billy Bishop Goes to War

bishop-c-01.jpgEric Peterson (you may know him from Corner Gas) is starring in a new staging of Billy Bishop Goes to War

The show is part of the Montreal Highlights Festival. It opens tonight and runs until March 6, 2011 at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts.  

It's the story of Canadian WWI fighter pilot.

This production of Billy Bishop Goes to War reunites the original two-man cast: Peterson and writer/composer/performer John Gray.

Listen to Dave and Eric chat here.

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Grammy nomination for Montreal's Matt Haimovitz and Uccello

matt haimowitz studio.jpgMontreal cellist and McGill music prof Matt Haimovitz will be at the Grammys tonight. 

He and his group Uccello are nominated for Best Classical Crossover Album. "Meeting of the Spirits" features music by George Gershwin and Miles Davis, among other well known jazzers. 

This music won't remind you of versions you've heard before though - Uccello is made up of Matt Haimovitz and seven other cellists!

Matt came into our studio to talk about the nomination and to introduce his new album, Matteo.

Listen to his conversation with Dave here.

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Good luck at the Grammys, Matt!


Canadian Ski Marathon

Almost two thousand cross-country skiers are gathered in Montebello this weekend for the Canadian Ski Marathon.

Over the course of the weekend, they are going to tackle over 160 kilometres of trail. The marathon has been going on since 1967, and it's open to all ages.

Greg Koegl is the Canada Ski Marathon president. Victor Emery  won a gold medal in Bobsled at the 1964 Innsbruck Olympics. He participated in the very first Canadian Ski Marathon in 1967.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Greg and Victor.

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Shadeism documentary

photo.jpgIt's Black History month. There is a conference on today at McGill, called Black Histories, Black Futures.

Among the groups presenting are the filmmakers behind a documentary called "Shadeism". (Watch it here.)

Nayani Thiyagarajah is the film's writer/director. The director of photography is Muginga Antonio.

Listen to their conversation with Dave:

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 In the photo left to right: Muginga Antonio, Nayani Thiyagarajah, lead researcher Vanessa Rodrigues, producer Nadia Alam

Bliss on a boat

Bota-Bota premier spa-sur-l'eau au monde.jpgBota Bota is a new spa in Montreal that is actually on a boat.

Laura Osborne is the Passport Editor for enRoute magazine. That means she really knows her spas!!

Laura checked out Bota Bota and then came into the studio (all blissed out!) to tell us about her experience.

She also told us about her favourite spas across the province.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Laura.

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Want to know more about the spas mentioned by Laura? Here are some links:

Bota Bota

Spa at Hotel Le St-James

Spa Eastman

Chateau Fairmont Montebello Spa

Chateau Bonne Entente (Amerispa)

(Photo: Bota Bota/Mathieu Labelle)

The Great Romantic Getaway Giveaway

Valentine's Day is almost here, and we are feeling the love at All in a Weekend. To help you and your honey get away, we are giving away five spa packages across the province of Quebec.

Spa Getaways

Amerispa Package for two valid at all Amerispa locations (check Web site for locations across Quebec). The experience will include 80 min warm aromatic oil tandem massages, revitalizing leg treatments, tasty snacks, and spa pedicures. (Value of $525)

Spa Fairmont Le Château Montebello 60-minute Relaxation massage for two people. (Value of $210)

Bota Bota Floating Spa Access to the water circuit including sauna, steam bath, cold bath and shower and jacuzzi. Three prizes will be awarded. (Value of $90/per couple)

How to win

Tell us the story of your ideal romantic getaway. It could be something you have already experienced, or something you would like to experience.

You can leave your comment on our Facebook page, e-mail us at, or call our talkback line 514-597-4141.

(Of course, the contest is open to couples and singles! If you don't have a partner, you can take a friend or family member to the spa.)

Here's Dave telling the story of his romantic moment.


Montreal Designer Rachel F to show at Fashion Week

mathieu.jpgIt's fashion week in Montreal.

Mathieu Mudie is a partner in the design team Rachel F. He and his girlfriend make accessories with recycled leather and fur.

They're showing their collection on Tuesday at at 3:30, at Bar Le Philémon, in Old Montreal.

Mathieu came into studio wearing some big, warm muskrat mittens and carrying a fur-trimmed man bag -- all from Rachel F.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Mathieu.

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Mezzo sorprano Susan Platts

Canadian mezzo sorprano Susan Platts received a prestigeous mentorship with American diva Jessye Norman.

This, despite the fact she did not follow the usual path to becoming a classical singer. She did not begin music lessons until she was a teenager, and she never went to the conservatory.

Listen to Dave's conversation with Susan Platts.

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Montreal MOMpreneur helps desperate parents find sitters

paulina.jpgIf you are a parent, you've probably been in a situation where you were in desperate need of a babysitter.

One montreal woman has taken that conundrum, and turned it into a business.

Paulina Podgorska is a Polish immigrant, who was working in a high-pressure job in advertising. She is also a single mom, who had no one to look after her little boy.

So she started a Web site called ( in French)

Listen to her conversation with Dave.


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Dave and the fashionistas

Montreal Fashion Week is coming up February 7-11.

Robyn Chalmers and Emilie Fournier are the official bloggers for fashion week. You can follow their blog here.

Robyn and Emilie came in to talk with Dave about the new role blogging is taking in fashion journalism.

Robyn and Emilie also also gave Dave a fashion critique:   

Want to discover some more fashion blogs?

Here are a couple of Emilie's favourites: 

And here are a couple of Robyn's picks:

Listen to Dave's conversation with Robyn and Emilie:

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Concordia prof Wayne Larsen's new biography of Tom Thomson

Jackpine.jpgConcordia Journalism professor Wayne Larsen has just come out with a new biography of Tom Thomson.

Thomson was a friend and inspiration to the Group of Seven, one of Canada's most influential art movements.

His artwork depicts Canada landscapes. One of his most famous works is "The Jack Pine", pictured on the left.

He died in 1917 under mysterious circumstances, which has led to speculation about what happened ever since.

 Listen to Dave's interview with Wayne Larsen:

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