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Tuesday's show - links, info & music


Between 3 & 4: 
  • "Cielito Lindo" by Alejandra Ribera, from the album Navigator Navigateher
  • "Till Your Well Runs Dry" by Eric Clapton, from the album Old Sock 
  • "Trouble" by Gianna Lauren, from the album On Personhood 
  • "The Rest Is Yet To Come" by Jim Guthrie, from the single 
Betweeen 4 & 5: 
  • "You Don't Know" by Monkey Junk, from the album To Behold
  • "Billy Brag Winners" by K-Os, from the album Black On Blonde
Between 5 & 6: 
  • "Never Wanted Your Love" by She & Him, from their new single 
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