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Wednesday's show - links, info & music

  • Tonight's speed gaming event is sold out, but watch the folks at the Meeples Republic for future events
  • See separate blog post for the Brothers Beer Bistro's recipe for Moroccan Brown Date Ice Cream
  • Little Orange Man, featuring sign language interpretation, has its final performance at the GCTC tomorrow
  • Enter our CBC Music Searchlight contest for best upcoming musical act tomorrow


Between 3 & 4:

  • "Dog Tail Wagging" by Ian Tamblyn, from the album Walking the Bones
  • "I'm Done" by Riot Police, from the album Those Days
  • "My Heavens" by Adrienne Pierce, from the album My Heavens

Between 4 & 5:

  • "Whirlpool" by Gruesomes, from the album Gruesomania

Between 5 & 6: 

  • "Petunia" by Her Harbour, from the album Winter's Ghost 

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