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Political Panel: April 2014 Archives

Political panel, April 25: the Supreme Court on senate reform

Well, so much for Senate reform. That's the word from Prime Minister Stephen Harper today, following the ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada. The government CAN stop requiring senators to have a net worth of at least 4 thousand dollars - but that's pretty much it.


The Conservatives appear to be backing down on the controversial Fair Elections Act, too; today they announced they'll consider some major changes. They're also hoping the robocalls scandal has been put to rest once and for all, after yesterday's report by the commissioner of Canada elections. Our political panel, Julie van Dusen and Susan Delacourt, joined us with their take on all this.


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Political panel, April 17: Nigel Wright, and more on the Fair Elections Act

This week in national politics: Nigel Wright will not face charges for his loan to suspended senator Mike Duffy; Harper has committed six CF18s to the conflict in Ukraine; senators reject the Fair Elections Act, and more with our political panel, Julie van Dusen and Susan Delacourt.


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Political panel, April 11: Reflecting on Flaherty

This week, fill-in columnists Chris Hall and Elizabeth Thompson reflect on the legacy of former finance minister Jim Flaherty. They also touch on the continuing verbal skirmishes surrounding the Fair Elections Act.


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