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D is for Dinner: July 2013 Archives

D is for (Byelection) Dinner: Matt Young on why he loves Ozzy's

matt young.JPGToday's D is for Dinner takes us to a cook in Ottawa South who's been in business for 22 years...Ozzy Wehbe runs Ozzy Food Market on Albion Road, and it's where Ottawa South byelection Conservative candidate Matt Young brought Alan as his favourite place in his riding to eat.

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Note: We're doing D is for Dinner episodes with all the Ottawa South candidates; listen to Liberal candidate John Fraser here

D is for Dinner: The By-Election Special

Byelectiondining.jpgFor the next few weeks, D is for Dinner will feature candidates in the upcoming Ottawa South provincial our neighbourhood food guides. They'll share their favourite dining establishments with Alan, and also, dish on their favourite dish. First up: Liberal candidate John Fraser, and the "Death By Chocolate", at the Three Sisters coffee shop.



D is for Dinner: a taco faceoff

tacos.jpegIt's official: Ottawa has gone loco for tacos, with many taco joints popping up over the past couple of years. We invited 3 taco slingers into our studio for a taste-test: Matt Carmichael from El Camino on Elgin St, Jon Reilly-Rose from the Tacolot in Hintonburg, and Mario Garcia Mendieta from Burrito Borracho in the Market.

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