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D is for Dinner - Deboning a Turkey

turkey.JPGFive months ago, Vince Gervais didn't have a high school diploma and because of that, he had trouble finding work.
Thanks to the Ottawa Mission's Food Services Training Program, he's landed a job as a prep cook at Modern Steakhouse. 
Alan met up with Vince before his graduation today to check out some of his new knife skills.
How to Debone a Turkey
A clean cutting board or sanitized cutting surface
A sharp boning knife 6 to 8 inches in length
A turkey that has been thawed or is fresh
Step 1: Remove the giblets and any packages that were stuffed inside the turkey, discard or set aside to later be used in soups or stews. Cut off the Tail of the bird if it is still attached and discard. Flip the bird over breast side down.
Step 2: Carefully taking the boning knife, begin on the right side of the bird and delicately begin to slice the meat away from the ribcage. You want to get as close to the bones as possible, while preventing leaving meat behind. Keep slicing until you get down to the wing joints.
Step 3: You should now reach the wing joints on the turkey. Take the wing into your hand and snap the joint, slice through the cartilage and leave the bones in the wings. You can now easily debone with your knife all the way down the ribcage being cautious to avoid cutting through the breast. Once you near the bottom of the ribcage you will encounter the thigh joints.
Step 4: Hold the turkey leg in one hand, and grasp the upper thigh bone with your other hand. Press the upper thigh bone away from yourself whilst pulling the leg bone towards you at the same time. This motion should cause the joint to break and once again allow you to slice through the cartilage that was keeping the leg bone connected to the thigh bone.
Step 5: Now the hip bone which is flat in shape can be removed from the turkey by running your boning knife along the sides of the bones to release the meat. The upper thigh bone must also be removed by scraping the meat off of the bone carefully, and finally cutting through the cartilage to release the upper thigh bone from the lower leg bone.
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