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Food pairings: design us a recipe for D is for Dinner!

Would you pair this:



With this?cloves.jpgOn Thursday's show, we spoke with our science columnist, Torah Kachur, about the scientific reasoning behind certain food pairings. You can hear her explanation here:

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Now we want you to take this concept and run with it -- four pairings that Torah mentioned as scientifically working well together are banana & clove, strawberries & cilantro, black tea & tomato, and mussels & sake. Your task: take one of those pairings, design us a recipe, and if we choose your recipe, you could be our next D is for Dinner guest! 

Ottawa writer and foodie Marion May took up the challenge and then some. Check out her Barrhaven Bites blog for June Cleaver Banana-Clove Box Cookies, Strawberries & Cilantro Salsa with Balsamic-Marinated Halibut and Twisted! Breadsticks with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Black Tea.

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