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D is for Dinner

D is for Dinner: recipes inspired by the Hip

d-is-for-dinner-tragically-hip-challenge2.jpgThe Tragically Hip is on the minds of many people these days, as their tour winds its way through Eastern Ontario, including stops in Ottawa and Kingston this week (all the details here for how you can watch the Kingston concert live). So for this week's D is for Dinner, we asked 2 chefs to take inspiration from the Hip for their recipes. Listen here, and check out the recipes here, to hear & see how Joe Thottungal from Coconut Lagoon and Rich Wilson from Pomeroy House did.




D is for Dinner: Chana Masala to mark the South Asian Festival

chana.jpgFor generations, the Mehras have cultivated a strong connection between family and food. As general manager of the East India Company, Anish Mehra still uses recipes and techniques from his grandmother and his parents every day at his restaurant. And he'll be sharing those flavours once again at South Asian Fest.


South Asian and Indian music, dancing, comedy and food will be on display this week at Ottawa City Hall. Anish has been participating as a food vendor with the festival for seven years since 2009, its inaugural year. He joined us for D is for Dinner to share a recipe that has particularly strong family ties -- chana masala.


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D is for Dinner: ready-to-make dinner from Zestible

salmon zestible.jpgFor entrepreneur Val Iannitti, growing up in a traditional Italian family meant food played a central role in her upbringing. Her mother would come home from work and make meals from scratch -- and the kids were expected to eat dinner at home every night of the week.


When Val's own family started to grow, getting wholesome food on the table became more of a challenge. So she put her MBA to use and got to work on a business plan for a new meal delivery company in Ottawa. Zestible was the result, and Val joined us with a sample recipe, which you can try yourself here.



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