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D is for Dinner

D is for Dinner: a beet challenge

beetloaf.jpgFor our monthly D is for Dinner challenge, we answered listener Julia's plea for beet ideas that don't involve salads or boiling them. Three chefs came through with some very delicious ideas -- check out the recipes here, and listen to them explain the recipes here.















D is for Dinner: Sunomono salad, with a story


This dish is one of many that help tell the life story of chef Caroline Ishii in her new "taste memoir" called The Accidental Chef. She dropped by the studio with a bowl of sunomono salad, the recipe, and a conversation about the stories in her book.






(Photo by Couvrette Photography)

D is for Dinner: A cottage kit from Thyme & Again

muffaletta-sandwich.jpgThe prepared food and catering shop Thyme & Again is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and one way they're marking the occasion is by bringing back some old favourites. That includes a delicious muffaletta sandwich, which Sheila Whyte brought in for us. You can recreate it yourself, too -- check out the recipe here.




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