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Columnists: August 2014 Archives

D is for Dinner: cake shakes!

cakeshake2.jpgIt sounds like a pastry chef's worst nightmare: whirling blades, turning perfect little layer cakes into soup before your eyes. But that's what's happening daily at Holland's Cake And Shake, the new venture from the former pastry chef at Atelier.


Michael Holland is serving up cakes, shakes...and for six dollars, a crazy sounding hybrid known as the "Cake Shake." He made one in our studio, and you can listen below for the results, or try it yourself by checking out this recipe.



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Robert reviews Get on Up

Biopics are a tricky thing; you need to be able to capture the essence of the subject without become caricature, and realistically portray the person's life while still being entertaining. So how does the new film about James Brown fare?



Our own Robert Fontaine has his analysis below.


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D is for Dinner: Jerk tofu pizza

jerk-chicken-pizza-gluten-free.jpgMJMD Luigi Pizza de Luigi Pizza is newly opened in Wakefield, and they're offering a pie that may be appealing to people with specific diets: a jerk tofu pizza, on a gluten-free crust, that can also be made without cheese. Two of the family members that own the joint joined us with their recipe for that gluten-free dough.












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