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Columnists: May 2014 Archives

Robert reviews Million Dollar Arm

Can a cricket star transform into a baseball star? That's the question behind Million Dollar Arm.


Robert Fontaine has his review below.


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D is for Dinner: Stinging Nettle soup

stingingnettlesoup2.jpgYou may need gloves to handle them at first, but the finished result of using stinging nettle in your soup is a wonderfully creamy, green dish. Jambican Garden Studios' Colin Samuels joined us with his recipe -- listen below, or click here to follow along.


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Political panel, May 23: More squabbling over the Oakville-North Burlington nomination

The House is still not sitting this week, but there was plenty of political fodder for our panel of Julie van Dusen and Susan Delacourt: more shenanigans in the Oakville-North Burlington nomnation process, and more about Justin Trudeau's declarations about the Liberal stance on abortion, plus Julie and Susan's predictions for the late-spring session of parliament to come...


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