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Columnists: March 2014 Archives

Political panel, March 28: The Fair Elections Act and Harper in Europe

For weeks now, debate has been swirling on Parliament Hill over the changes proposed in the Fair Elections Act -- changes often justified by the federal Conservatives using a report written by elections expert Harry Neufeld. Well, yesterday, Neufeld spoke out about the way in which his report is being used. He says it's being misinterpreted, and the bill -- if it isn't amended -- will have serious consequences for voters.


But Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre has remained firm on the Fair Elections Act. He isn't open to amendments, and his party wants to see the bill passed by the summertime. So what IS the fate of the Fair Elections Act? And do opposition parties and electoral experts have any chance of influence over its contents? Our political panelists joined us with their take.


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Robert reviews Habanastation

The Latin American Film Festival is for the next couple of weeks, and one of the films being screened is Habanastation.



Robert's thoughts on Habanastation are below.


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Political panel, March 21: Reaction to the Nadon rejection

It's been a week of political upsets in Ottawa and beyond. The Supreme Court has rejected Harper's choice for Supreme Court Justice, and the Prime Minister had to pick a new Finance Minister after Jim Flaherty's resignation this week. Those are just a couple stories our political panel is here to talk about -- Susan Delacourt and Glen MacGregor joined us in studio. 


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