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Columnists: January 2014 Archives

Political panel, Jan 31: The no-longer Liberal senators

The big news in politics this week was of course Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's decision to kick Liberal senators out of the caucus. Julie van Dusen and Susan Delacourt joined us with their analysis of that bombshell, as well as how well Minister Julian Fantino handled the veterans in his portfolio at a scheduled meeting.


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Robert reviews My Stuff

The premise: a man puts all of his belongings in storage, and allows himself to retrieve only one item per day (yes, that includes underwear and food). How does he fare? That's what the documentary My Stuff explores.



Film reviewer Robert Fontaine shares his thoughts on My Stuff below.


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D is for Dinner: the Happy Chef in Kingston

happychef.jpgHe calls himself the "Happy Chef", but "happy eater" could describe the people who get to eat the creations of chef Jack Francis. Those folks include all sorts of musicians, as Francis cooks for the Bathouse Studio, owned by the Tragically Hip.

At the studio recently, Francis showed Alan how to make a very pretty salad -- you can find the recipe here.









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