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Columnists: December 2013 Archives

Robert Fontaine's Christmas Eve Review

Looking for some holiday entertainment? Film critic Robert Fontaine reviewed two new releases this week; Saving Mr. Banks and Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. He shared his take on both movies with guest host Rebecca Zandbergen.


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Robert reviews Inside Llewyn Davis

It's the latest from the Coen Brothers, this time focusing on the folk scene of NYC in the sixties...



Robert joined us with his thoughts on Inside Llewyn Davis.



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D is for Dinner: A Zimbabwean Christmas

sadza3.jpgThis weekend, the Zimbabwean Ottawa Community Association -- or ZOCA -- is holding a Christmas party, complete with musical entertainment and lots and lots of traditional food.


For a sample of what to expect, we invited ZOCA member Rumbidzai Vere to join us with some sadza. You can find the recipe here.


And if you'd like to taste some more, the ZOCA party is this Sunday at the Ukrainian Banquet Hall (1000 Byron Ave). Doors open at 5pm and tickets are $35.



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