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Columnists: November 2013 Archives

Political panel, Nov 29: BlackBerry Messenger secrecy concerns

A government watchdog is hung up over the government's potentially secretive use of BlackBerry Messenger -- and speaking of secrets, critics of the Tories say there are plenty where it concerns the senate scandal. That and more, on this week's political panel.


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D is for Dinner: fondue from Absinthe

fondue2.JPGAbsinthe Restaurant has begun offering Monday-night fondues -- an oil pot for cooking, and cheese and chocolate for dipping. And we hear at All in a Day can attest to the fact that the smell of the cheese fondue alone brings all the CBC folks down to the studio...


Below, you can hear chef and owner Patrick Garland talk about his fondue tips -- and you can find his recipe for cheese fondue here.








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Political panel, Nov 22: And yet more senate scandal

What exactly did the Prime Minister know about the Mike Duffy scandal? It's the question that reporters and opposition have been firing for weeks now, and this week, those questions have intensified as the RCMP expanded its probe into the $90,000 the PM's chief of staff gave to Senator Duffy.


But what was the Prime Minister's role when it comes to the senate committee report, and the relationship with Deloitte? Joining us now to talk about what has been another very busy week in politics was our political panel -- this week, Glen McGregor and Elizabeth Thompson.


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