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Columnists: October 2013 Archives

Robert's favourite scary movies

Film reviewer Robert Fontaine today talked mainly about one film, the film that pretty much scares him the most (well, as a kid it did, anyway) -- Invisible Invaders. But here are a few more of his favourite Halloween-appropriate flicks, in no particular order, with his comments in brackets:

  • The Shining (repeated viewings procure additional pleasures)
  • The Exorcist (still packs a punch!)
  • The Birds (I was devastated when Suzanne Pleshette got pecked to death)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (was there ever a better "final girl"?)
  • Rosemary's Baby (creepy, creepy, creepy)
  • Repulsion (Catherine Deneuve as a psychotic killer still bothers me)
  • Hour of the Wolf (perhaps Bergman's finest film, multiple layers of weirdness)
  • Invisible Invaders (a Grade-Z laugher, but the movie that got me hooked)
  • Jacob's Ladder (creepy and disturbing, surreal)
  • Alien (what's for dinner?)
  • John Carpenter's The Thing (yuck! Rob Bottin is a genius)
  • Dead of Night (the ventriloquist segment with Michael Redgrave is unforgettable)
  • The Orphanage (a movie designed to be watched late at night with all the lights turned off)
  • The Others (disturbing)
  • The Innocents (as close to perfect as a movie can be, a masterpiece of Victorian spookiness)

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D is for Dinner: a trifle from an Easy Bake oven

lbb_cov.jpgToday on D is for Dinner, we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Easy Bake Oven with lightbulb-baking enthusiast Todd Coopee, who's just published a book on the subject. Click here for his trifle recipe. And you can also join in on the fun this coming Monday, November 4th -- at Art Is In Bakery at 5:30pm, Todd will be celebrating his book launch with a contest. More details here.




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D is for Dinner: healthy, delicious food at a cafeteria (what a concept!)

This week on D is for Dinner, we talk to chef Matthew Brearley, who has taken on the big role of making St Paul University's cafeteria both delicious and healthy -- and made with local ingredients, too. He shared his recipe for pork pie, one of the components of the caf's "ploughman's lunch."


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