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True Patriot comic contest winners

We're not Smallville, or Paradise Island, or Gotham City...But does the 613 have what it takes to create a superhero?


Apparently yes. All in a Day listeners put their imagination (and illustrations) to the test,
in our True Patriot contest to win an autographed copy of the new all-Canadian comic anthology of the same name.  We asked you to create a hero who could live in the 613.


Some of the artists and writers behind the True Patriot anthology judged our contest, and they chose a winner and two runners-up...


Our winner: "The Crimson Moose" by 10-year-old Antony Kelderman

The judges loved the "origin story, powers that are quite unique, and the illustration. And it's a very Canadian concept."

crimson moose.JPG


(runner-up entries after the jump)

Runner up #1: "Ottawan and BeaverTail" by Kieron O'Gorman

The judges loved the drawing and back story, and the idea of Sir John A. MacDonald wandering around the Peace Tower. Tom Fowler made special mention of the way the peace tower had been integrated into the costume design.


John Johnston was maintenance worker working in the peace tower on parliament hill. One night while working late he saw an apparition appearing in the top most level of the tower, it was none other than Sir John A. Macdonald himself.  He told John that he had a destiny to fulfill. That The capital needed a protector someone to defend the people of the city and protect them from evil and corruption. He then told john to strike the largest bell in the tower at midnight to receive his destiny. Sir John vanished. John waited until midnight and did as instructed. He struck the bell with a hammer at midnight. Shock waves ripped through the tower and through john. The sound and energy transformed him into the OTTAWAN! Since that fateful day John Johnston has used his powers to protect the innocent, and defend the weak. His powers increase as each hour approaches and reach a maximum when the bells ring out each hour.

 Dolores Dearborn was a student at Carleton University working on a masters paper about the local beavers. She was inspired by the stories she heard of the Ottawan and wanted to help him in some small way. She was out one night with friends when some men attempted to mug them. The Ottawan arrived and dispatched the assailants but not before Dolores was knocked into a nearby stall. When she came to she realized she was in a Beaver Tails™ stall and her destiny as revealed to her. She would don the guise of the creatures she studied so long and assist the Ottawa in his pursuit of protecting the city. She would become the Beaver Tail! To this purpose she trained her mind and body, observed more closely the beavers and watched them fight to learn their techniques. When she was ready she donned her Beaver Tail costume and eventually joined the Ottawan his struggle to keep Ottawa safe!

ottawan beavertail.JPG



Runner up #2: "The Newzalator" by Roy Ketcheson

The judges said they were willing to overlook the typos... which of course The Newzalator himself would never allow...(This is based on All in a Day's own newsreader, Laurence Wall.)


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