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Pattie Mallette on being the mom of Bieber

nowhere-but-up-cover.jpgThey started lining up in the early hours to be first in line...Lawnchairs and blankets sprawled on ashphalt, waiting to see the celebrity who was arriving in town today...And at around 1 p.m., they had their chance to finally meet... Justin Bieber's. .. mom.


That's right, not only is Justin Bieber in town today... so is his mom, Patti Mallette. She just happened to be signing her book at Chapters on Pinecrest -- the teen edition of Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom. In it, she says: "I had plenty of serious talks with Justin.  I didn't want him to get an inflated ego. I always reminded him where his gifts came from and how he found himself surrounded by incredible opportunities".


But this year he's had much publicized problems: run-ins with the press, late starts for concerts, lost monkeys and a much-publicized urination in a kitchen janitor pail... all of which Patti Mallette has seen broadcast around the world. But in her book Patti Mallette also details her own teen years ... dealing with alcohol, drugs, sex, depression and anxiety... as well as of course the latter years of what it's like to be the mom of the pop star... We reached Patti earlier today at Chapters, right after her book signing.


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