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The All In A Day Mixed Tape

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We were inspired by yesterday's conversation about crafting the perfect mixed tape to try our hand at it...with help from listeners.

Production credits to tweeters: Pauline Mousseau, Marc Gagnon, Mark Scrivener, Trevor Pritchard, Lenny Wu, Conner (no last name) Glenn Nuotio, Shawn and David (also with no last names). Thanks again!


Track 1 Bibio/Lovers' Carvings

Track 2 Lucina Williams/Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

Track 3 The Nationa/Bloodbuzz, Ohio

Track 4 Constatines/Insectivora

Track 5 Majical Cloudz/Bugs Don't Buzz

Track 6 Strange Advance/Second That I Saw You

Track 7 Pukka Orchesetra/Listen to the Radio

Track 8 Haim/Don't Save Me

Track 9 Moody Blues/Here Comes the Weekend

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