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Celebrating the art of the summer mixtape

mixtape.jpgIf you let it, it can keep you up all night...Trying to guide the emotional current...Committing to obsession and indulgence...The end result can start relationships and end others...Not to mention really add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to a long car-ride.


That's right -- the power of the mixtape is not to be taken lightly. Tonight, proponents of the medium will be packing up their cassettes, their CD-Rs -- heck, their floppy disks -- and meeting at Antique Skateshop to swap their homemade compilations at a benefit for CHUO.The second annual Summer Jam Swap will feature mixes from a few local pros. two of whom joined us with their summer music mix picks --  Rachel Stone performs around town as DJ Lamb Rabbit, and Rolf Klausener is a musician and Artistic Director for the Arboretum Arts Festival.

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Photo by Irish Typepad on Flickr

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