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Remembering Alex Colville

Today, Canadians are remembering one of the country's best-known artists. Alex Colville died yesterday at his home in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, at the age of 92. Colville was known for paintings like "Horse and Train," which shows a black stallion galloping at a train engine...And "To Prince Edward Island," which features a woman gazing at the viewer through a pair of binoculars.


For his thoughts on why Colville's work endeared him to so many people, we were joined by Charlie Hill, curator of Canadian art for the National Gallery of Canada.

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And we also challenged you to recreate your favourite Colville painting, and we got a few great responses...

Quite a few listeners sent in tributes to To Prince Edward Island, including Judith Scott, Tanis Stoliar and Annik Maison-Boutin.To_prince_edward_island.jpg



James Peltzner imitated Artist and Car...











Jennifer Salahub took a different approach to Horse and Train...












Harry Foster sent in this interpretation of Stove...














And our own Alan offered this take on Pacific...






















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