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fun. brings the, well, fun to Bluesfest

fun.JPGAt Bluesfest last night, the band fun. called their Ottawa concert one of the biggest nights of their career...Which is kind of a compliment, given the fact that in February they brought home a few Grammys (Song Of The Year and Best New Artist).


Jack Antonoff, guitarist for the band and no stranger to the art of songwriting (he co-wrote "We Are Young" which won that Grammy), took some time backstage at Bluesfest to talk to Alan and reveal what the road to stardom is like. But first, Alan and Jack talked about his work with Tegan and Sara, Sara Bareilles, and how he makes the link between Good Day Sunshine, Robyn, and Goin To Carolina In My Mind... and what he'd like to hear when it comes to civil rights anthems now.


Here's some of their conversation... starting with when Alan asked Jack about co-writing Tegan and Sara's tune "How Come You Don't Want Me"... as Tegan And Sara were in fact playing on another Bluesfest stage...

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