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Ghosts in the trenches of WWI

It was soon after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and Canadian soldiers were sleeping. Corporal Will Bird was under a tarp with two companions, when warm hands suddenly shook him awake. In front of him was his brother, Steve -- who had gone missing in action two years before.


Silently, Steve led Corporal Bird away from his tarp before disappearing...Leaving Bird to spend the night in a new location, convinced he'd been hallucinating. That is, until the next day, when it turned out the tarp he'd been under earlier had been hit by a shell. And if he'd stayed, he would've shared a grisly fate with his two fellow soldiers.


Letters from the front-lines of World War One are full of supernatural encounters like this one, and they're the subject of an article in the Journal of Military History, by award-winning author and historian Tim Cook. He joined us with some of the stories.


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