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Company of Fools' 18 actors and mystery script

WHITE-RABBIT-RED-RABBIT-FINAL-REDUCED-SIZE.jpgCatriona Leger would love to tell you what she's going to be performing tonight at Arts Court. But she can't.


That's because she doesn't know. Well, we mean, there is a script -- she's just not allowed to read it until she gets in front of the audience tonight.


It's not your standard Company Of Fools twist on Shakespeare; it's a performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, dealing in part with being forbidden to leave the country. And part of the performance is that the actor performing the script gets it, on stage, the night of the show. Al Connors is the artistic director whose idea this production is, and he and Catriona joined us in studio.




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