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All In A Day Fan Bootcamp

The playoffs are here, and the Ottawa Senators are in! We know what that means for the fans. But what about the people for whom hockey is not a religion? Well, there's room for you in our Fan Bootcamp.

All In A Day is looking for the non-hockey fans who, amid all the playoff excitement, wonder if they just might be missing something. People who are open to learning about hockey from smart fans who love the game.

We're also looking for Sens fans who are willing to teach. Nothing formal, just time in front of a TV watching a game or two, and a little conversation - some of it on the radio with us! In our mind's eye, we imagine a whole family of Sens fans, welcoming a potential new fan into their home on game night. We can dream, right?

Interested? E-mail us and we'll talk details. And tune in to All In A Day over the next couple of weeks to hear the results.
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