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Random Play songwriting contest: vote now!

The time has come for you to decide which All in a Day listener will be performing at the Random Play event at Writersfest on April 25th.


We asked you to write a two-minute song, using lyrics from 5 songs that came up at random on Alan's ipod.


We narrowed it down to four listener-composed tunes...and here they are! Listen & vote below, and you can read the lyrics after the jump. You have until Sunday night at midnight to vote!





In a world full of suffering
A good man is hard to find
A world where all your sins
Lay beneath the sands of time
You know all those secrets
That you keep to yourself
Down in the basement
On that dusty shelf
But now the dark dark stranger
Is knocking at your door
To lay you down beneath the ground
Forever more
Now the reapers blade
That spinning blade, just keeps on spinning
And his fleshless mouth that never speaks
Just keeps on grinning
Hey girls, hey boys
Wait a minute will you
You know this life you're rushing through
It's going to kill you


Get home late from work, my lady was up at night
beggin' me to take down the Christmas lights.
I said "It's a quarter to 10 and Im a goin' to bed,
you know I ain't no spring chicken".

That night, I tried my special move and my old lady harped,
"I ain't never cracked-a-yell from the F to the C#,
you better warn me good before you try that move again!"
She ain't no spring chicken.

It'd been a month, so I drove to see my Pa at the home.
He said, "Im no spring chicken son, where you been?,
Now Im gettin' it on with the nurse, and I can even outlast'er,
hell I thought it was going to be the rapture!"

Now the Idea is, that I wake at the crack of dawn
while my ol'lady snores as she's still sleepin',
with the radio softly on.

I got nothin' to lose, try my special move again.
After 27 years, lovin's built a lot on'em.
My lovin' lady wakes and she starts her yellin'.
No, she ain't no spring chicken.
And I ain't no spring chicken
No we ain't no spring chickens.

Four years of darkness
The sun finally came up
When it came through the window
My dreams fell away
From the last word written
She said "hey now girls listen"
With the radio softly on
Remember our old songs

Oohh oh oh oh Why'd you have to go
Ohh oh oh oh Now I truly now
Lord I aint never been... loved
like this before


Once she was somebody's girl
Someone who takes a heart in fashion
But the charming prince wasn't a man
He was an escape well, now girls, listen

She ain't got no time now for Casanova's
Blackout telegrams, short hand lovers
Sending all of the words that she wants
But she's heard before

She prayed "Lord I ain't never been loved"
I have been played just like an organ
Minor keys were the weapon of choice
With all of the majors all been broken

And everyone was speaking in tongues
Everyone held it inside of their lungs
Let it out with the flick of the tongue
And you'll move on

She ain't got no time now for Casanova's
Blackout telegrams, short hand lovers
Sending all of the words that she wants
But she's heard before

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