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Holy interview, Batman!

adam_west_as_batman__60s__by_kriegdersterne77-d51jcx0.jpgNext month, Ottawa ComicCon brings Adam West and Burt Ward -- the original Batman and Robin from the 1960's TV show --  to Ottawa to sign autographs and meet with the fans, who just for a moment become 7 years old every time an old rerun flashes across the screen.


Adam West joined us from his home in not Gotham or Quahog or Dimmsdale... but Idaho.

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Note: In what Alan is calling "an appalling slip-up", he somehow said BRUCE Ward instead of Burt Ward in the intro to this piece yesterday. He apologizes to all his fellow Burt Ward fans.
He blames it on the fact that "Bruce Wayne" and "Burt Ward" have the same initials. Alan is also trying to tell us this was in fact as a result of a plot of Minerva and a malfunctioning Deepest Secret Extractor equipment, but none of us have any idea what he's talking about.

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