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Julie Devaney's Leaky Body

leaky.jpgEntering the hospital as a patient sometimes means checking modesty at the door -- epecially when you have to let a room full of doctors look at your colostomy bag. The result can be embarrassment and a feeling of being demoralized...Or -- if you're Julie Devaney -- you can get inspired to talk instead.


Julie spent five years in and out of hospitals, being poked and prodded...Misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis...Then rediagnosed with Crohn's Disease...And in the process, had her large intestine removed. But out of that experience has come My Leaky Body, a performance-turned-book that's part memoir, part manifesto for better hospital care.


Tonight, Julie Devaney will be at Octopus Books to celebrate the Ottawa launch of her book, but first she joined us in studio.

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