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The environment

February 11, 2008 | 10:24 AM

In the lead-up to the March 3 provincial election, what is your biggest concern about Alberta's environment?

How much will your concerns about the environment influence your vote?

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Comments: (29)

Sandra (Edmonton) wrote:

To all of those who are using this forum to bash the CBC, this is a forum on environmental issues, not the place to air your views on media bias. But if you want to complain about media bias, why not start with the political coverage of the various other TV stations and newspapers in Alberta, all of which have a very pronounced right-wing bias and wouldn't recognize balanced journalism if it hit them in the face. If you can't see the media in the province for what it is, which is basically a mouthpiece for the right and nothing else, then you're clearly only seeing what you want to see and not reality.

And if you don't think the PC government is just about the worst thing that could ever happen to this province's environment, then you truly are blind, deaf and dumb to what's been happening in Alberta for years. In the end, it really doesn't matter what stupid environmental policies Stelmach and his crew dream up, because global warming will just keep happening regardless of our so-called plans, and when the environmental crises start piling up and the shit really starts hitting the fan, actions will have to be taken worldwide, and our pathetic little provincial government is not going to matter much. It's just too bad that people like me, who never voted for them, will end up paying for it just the same.

Posted March 4, 2008 01:40 AM

dan onischuk (edmonton) wrote:

I heard it takes 2-3 barrels of freshwater to produce 1 barrel fo oil from the tar sands. There are 175 billion barrels of recoverable oil = at least 350 billion barrels of contaminated waste water. Where is that going to go ?

Posted March 3, 2008 11:56 PM

Hurtin' Albertan (Edmonton) wrote:

To Karen Payne (in Edmonton),
I am a climate scientist. While I agree that "Environmental issues are not resolved by voters expressing misinformed opinions and kneejerk reactions". The facts are in (they were years ago!), the solutions to modern environmental problems will require changes to the living standards of Albertans and Canadians. While you suggest these changes to be "adverse", they are in fact necessary and a step in the right direction to lowering the footprint our modern lifestyle has on the environment. This is an opportunity, lets make the most of it - be a leader. While compromise is often viewed as tool to reach consensus, we can't ignore the real solutions.

Posted March 3, 2008 11:55 PM

Karen Payne (edmonton) wrote:

Environmental issues are not resolved by voters expressing misinformed opinions and kneejerk reactions but by carefull examination of the issues and effective ways that produce results that do not adversly affect the living standards of Albertans and Canadians.

I still believe that the PCs will produce results that balance the needs of Albertans while mitigating potential enviromental impact. Such a solution will involve all levels of Government.

If Canadians would take the time to inform themselves from more sources that the newspaper they would realise that environmental preservation is more complicated that just electing the party that parrots what they think voters want to hear.

Posted March 3, 2008 10:36 PM

anonymous(but active!) (Edmonton_AB) wrote:

I would apriciate it if you would read this one!If PC wins,i hope they will make more bike trails.i love bike riding and i hope others will start too.(its better than McDonalds!!hehe)

Posted March 3, 2008 09:20 PM

Brice Peressini (Calgary) wrote:

RE: Joe

True, although we are only a small piece of the world problem, we in Alberta are still part of the environmental problem. Saying that we can not do anything because China, India, Russia, and the USA will not follow is a poor excuse. We in Alberta need to be leaders in environmental issues. Our oil sands represent a great deal of power in the world's proven energy deposits. By not changing, ignoring the problem, and blaming "the big guys" we are playing the victim card. I do not like to believe that we, as Albertans, are victims on the world stage. The issue of the environment is no different. We must be leaders, instead of followers. Alberta must be a responsible global citizen. As Ghandi had once said "Be the change you want to see in the world."


Posted March 3, 2008 08:00 PM

Joe Byciuk () wrote:


Alberta contributes more than 10 billion annually to Ottawa in equalization payments so provinces like Saskatchewan can receive monies from Ottawa in order to enjoy a better life.

C.B.C funding is off topic but to keep things in the right receives about one billion dollars annually from the Federal Government and some of these monies comes from Alberta.

I disagree with my friend in Saskatchewan that Alberta has a poor education system.

Our education system is at least equal to that in Saskatchewan.

Posted March 2, 2008 05:42 AM

Joe Byciuk (Blackfalds_Alberta) wrote:


Alberta contributes more than 10 billion annually to Ottawa in equalization payments so provinces like Saskatchewan can receive monies from Ottawa in order to enjoy a better life.

C.B.C funding is off topic but to keep things in the right receives about one billion dollars annually from the Federal Government and some of these monies comes from Alberta.

I disagree with my friend in Saskatchewan that Alberta has a poor education system.

Our education system is at least equal to that in Saskatchewan.

Posted March 2, 2008 05:40 AM

Joe Byciuk (Blackfaldas_Alta) wrote:


There is not much Alberta and even Canada can do because we are "small players" in the world of billions of people.

Canada has approximately 33 million people while China and India have billions of people.

Canada CANNOT dictate to China,India, Russia, U.S.A and other countries as how to deal with environmental issues.

I am glad Alberta and Canada is already careful with environmental issues.

Albertans and Canadians spending millions and billions of dollars will NOT save the world.

Scientists report Canada emits approximately 2% of the world emissions.

I sometimes wonder if Dr Suzuki is aware of how much Canada actually emits into the atmosphere based on the total global emissions?

Posted February 29, 2008 05:45 PM

dee (DunveganCentral_Peace) wrote:

Have any of the candidates even mentioned bill C-46? I thought it would be a topic that would be debated more or at least mentioned by some of the party leaders.


Posted February 28, 2008 04:08 PM

Djammer (5022N11345W) wrote:

A funny thing happened to me on my way to this forum: A friend who gets virtually all of his news from "FOX" told me that my CBC was bias!

He could have just as easily have substituted Can-west Global: But I must admit, the CBC is starting to lean to the right.

Following an interview that Paul Kennedy had with David Sanbourn Scott, I had thawed somewhat to nuclear power generation, when reality struck: Gary Lunn canned Linda Keen.

She was the head of Nuclear Safety, not garantor of isotopes. One person could not possibly ride both horses!

We will likely fry because of the conspiracy that demonizes the Nuclear industry, sponsored by Big Oil.

I keep doing the math and continue to get the same result: at the present rate of world consumption, 83 million barrels / day, we will directly destroy an area larger than Florida, and contaminate an area many times that size just to prolong the inevitable by 5.7 years.

That's Leadership at its finest, 37 years and counting. Longer if you include EC Manning's time.

Posted February 24, 2008 11:05 PM

Ryan Foster (Saskatoon_SK) wrote:

As is typical of Alberta Conservatives, Chris Rudnisky is 100% dead wrong. Actually CBC TV has not receieved a government grant in years, actually largely paying for themselves through income gained from advertisers. And as for his ridiculous claim that most taxpayers are Conservatives, apparently because or Redneck Ralph's education cuts, math is not taught in Alberta schools. Federal Polls put the Conservatives at 35%, the Liberals at 33%, the NDP at 16% and the Green Party at 11%. The Liberals, NDP and Green Party are all left-wing, social democratic parties. So it would seem that 65% of Canadians are left-wing social democratics, while only 35% are right-wing, redneck conservatives. So by simple math to represent the most Canadians CBC should be left-wing.
Furthemore CanWest gets most of its money from advertisers, not customers. So therefore it only pushes the agenda of its paying advertisers (a small minority of the population) not its readers...65% of which totally oppose the Conservatives.

Posted February 22, 2008 02:50 PM

Lindsay Telfer (Edmonton) wrote:

The questions around the pace of development and environmental issues should have provided an opportunity for the opposition to hit a slam dunk.

-Communities downstream from tar sands mines and tailings ponds are being diagnosed with rare forms of cancer and auto-immune disorders;
-The overheated economy means high inflation and a shortage of health care professionals, affordable housing and workers for critical infrastructure projects;
-Out-of-control tar sands development has made Alberta the pollution capital of Canada; the industries greenhouse gas emissions now represent the fastest growing source of Canada’s global warming pollution;
-Up to 5 barrels of water are needed to produce 1 barrel of oil from the tar sands; with much ending up in toxic tailings ponds;
-Government spending is at record levels – trying but failing to address the consequences of an irresponsible rate of oil sands development

The issues are clear and the answer is even clearer, no new approvals on oil sands development!

Posted February 21, 2008 07:58 PM

raymond (edmonton) wrote:

Stelmach doesn't address any criticisms; in fact, he's seems to be stumbling along without content or information hoping the debate will end without much damage.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:15 PM

Chris Rudnisky (Edmonton) wrote:

Ryan Foster thinks canwest is more biased than the cbc? Even if that were true, at least they deserve the right to be biased - it is a private company that is paid for by customers. The cbc, however, is taxpayer funded. All taxpayers pay for, and none more so than wealthy Canadians and Albertans who more often than not vote conservative.

At the very least, the cbc should at least spend conservative voters' money impartially.

Posted February 21, 2008 06:54 PM

Joshua McDonald (Calgary) wrote:

Ryan Foster, I completly agree with you on the bias issue. While CBC may not be perfect I would say they are far less bias the some other companies in the media. Theresa Carey and Angela B you both make good points about the presence of the green party and the fact that CBC should be equaly including them in there broadcasts. I hoowever do not actually think that the Green Party has the best environmental platform. I think there's is good but it is still not as comprehensive as the NDP's. My vote is for the environment this election as it is every election! Good luck to all the opposition as it is time to knock the PC party out of power!

Posted February 21, 2008 02:20 AM

Bernie H. (Edmonton) wrote:

Election 2008 has more conservative thinkers, not die hard tories changing their votes to Wildrose or Liberal.

Seniors are having difficulty keeping with the economy and the more workers brought into Alberta will cause more difficulties for seniors. Likewise, disabled and students are caught in the overheated economy.

Alberta needs a plan and not a conservative plan.

Posted February 18, 2008 05:24 PM

Ryan Foster (Saskatoon_SK) wrote:

J Calvin and Ryan are cracking me up! CBC biased? Maybe, but hardly more so then their right-wing pals at CanWest-Global. Nothing more then mouthpieces for the Harper Conservatives, Ed Stelmach and our own wrong-headed Premier Bad Call, er I mean Brad Wall. The Calgary Herald, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, National Post,etc are so biased in favour of the right-wing they might as well be called the Conservative Politics Supporter chain. They are completely incapable of reporting the actual facts in a story, only regurgitating right-wing, captialist rhetoric.
CBC only brings a little balance to other wise totally right-wing media. Get your pals at Team Harper/Stelmach to drop their bias and maybe the CBC will drop theirs.

Posted February 17, 2008 08:50 PM

Theresa Carey (Gibbons_AB) wrote:

Angela B, I agree with you, it would be good if the Green Party had a bigger presence. It would sure help if the CBC would include them on the Leader Profile page and the Election Promises page, and provide equal coverage during radio broadcasts as well!

Posted February 14, 2008 06:57 PM

Penny Gleave (Galahad_Alberta) wrote:

I am very new to Alberta and I have noticed many issues that I have with the governments and their impact on the enivironment. I have moved from the Yukon, where the environment is very special and in great harm. Down here the government doesn't really seem to care anything about the environment. Being the richest province in Canada, one would think that the government would have the decency to spend money on various programs to help clean up this nation and help with global warming. Living in rural Alberta, there are really no recyling depots. Places usually only take bottles and cans. How about introducing stations at all the landfills to have a universal drop off and if people want the cash for the returnables let it be on their own. If the government really cared about the environment they wouldn't be telling their landfill managers to burn tires. I drove by our local landfill in Galahad only to see mounds of tires being burned. Not only is the richest province a huge contributor to pollution it encourages it. With the governments doing whatever they will sends a very poor message about their lack of concern on the environment. Each year the galciers in the Yukon, the Alsek glacier, in particular; loses 30 meters of its glacial ice for the past 12 years, every year!! People in the south need to realize that what these governments do and have done, not only effect this province but the world and special places like the arctic. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it doesn't exsist. Spend your money and start actually showing that any government cares about the environment, quit talking about and take action. Our children and their generation will thank you for it.

Posted February 14, 2008 09:56 AM

Reynold Reimer (Calgary) wrote:

We need a government that will take a stand against the introduction of the toxic nuclear energy industry. We need a government that will rein in the tar sands frenzy. We need a government that doesn't go cap-in-hand to sell the war criminals in Washington more and more Alberta bitumin.

Posted February 14, 2008 07:05 AM

Ryan (Edmonton) wrote:

Amen to "J Cavin" I couldn't agree more. CBC has really gone overboard. They should just join Team Taft.

Posted February 13, 2008 09:59 PM

Angela B (Edmonton) wrote:

The environment will play into how I vote in a significant way. I'm not only looking at what specific policies the parties may have on CO2 emission and alternative fuels, but also at how their tax, R&D and economic policies will impact the environment. It is too bad that the Green Party does not have a significant enough would be great if they could get at least a few seats, rural and urban, to show the government that Albertans do indeed care in a meaningful way about the environment.

Posted February 13, 2008 04:09 PM

Dan Belaney (Peace_River) wrote:

This is the most important issue to me.

The oil sands epitomize our failed approach to environmental management. The Government sells all the land (50,000 km2 and counting) and rubber stamps approvals while admitting there is no way of knowing it is sustainable.

I want a government that actually governs, rather than letting the free market do what it wants.

Posted February 13, 2008 11:55 AM

J Cavin (Edmonton) wrote:

This series of broadcasts so far is so biased as to degrade it. The CBC is apparently on a mission to bash the current government by broadcasting clips only from those who think the same way. An example this morning.."Gee,if a 70 year old man who voted PC all his life is changing, wow that means something". etc etc etc. A little more balance please. This sounds like Kevin Taft paid for it.

Posted February 13, 2008 09:27 AM

Theresa Carey (Gibbons_AB) wrote:

The environment is the most critical issue for me in this election. We are not separate from the environment: we are all a part of it. Without a healthy, vibrant environment nothing else matters. Without clean air to breathe, clean, safe water to drink and fertile soil to grow food, everything else becomes pointless. We have to stop 'soiling our nest' and clean up this mess we have made.

We need to elect a government that will take the duty of environmental stewardship seriously, instead of just exploiting Alberta and its citizens for its own greed-based, mean-spirited agenda. We need to elect a strong opposition as well, to ensure that we have a democracy again in this province, rather than the arrogant dictatorship we've had for the past 37 years.

I've had it. I'm voting Green.

Posted February 12, 2008 01:12 PM

Jack Ouisac (Edmonton) wrote:

Robert's got a valid point. However, Ed was in the Cabinet room with Ralph and was part of the group making those decisions that got us where we are today.

Posted February 12, 2008 09:52 AM

JacktheRipper (Calgary) wrote:

I think Alberta and Canada needs a complete change in government. Most of these decisions have been made by outside influences and corporate thugs.The Royalites review should have been fully implemented and gone beyond what was suggested because the oil prices will only rise. These Royalites won't be implemented until 2012, give me a break, phase 1 of the Tarsands has been completed mined out. By 2012, Phase 2 & 3 will be depleted, these are non-renewable resources. It takes 2 barrels of water to make one barrel of crude oil. We're talking about millions of barrels. The oil spill from the pipeline rupture near Slave lake causing contamination of the water supply. The CN train derailment spilling 1.3 million litres of HEAVY BUNKER C OIL near Wabuman. Then the cover up from the government and corporations of the increase of cancer and immune diseases in Fort Chipewyana. I think we need to slow down this growth and use our leverage of peak oils prices for re-investing in Alberta's future. Now the time to invest in new energy sources before it's too late. Ed Stalemach is just left over residue from the Klein years, they have no real plan for the future of Alberta just riding on the scraps that the Oil companies throw to them. Turning Alberta into a dumping ground for Toxic waste, the idea of pumping carbon dioxide into the ground is just a bandaid solution, to solve the problem go to the source of the problem. And this idea of bringing Nuclear power to Alberta so they can bury the nuclear waste and contaminate our water supply. Nuclear waste they don't know what to do with it, so they bury it.
Go!!!Green party!Go!!!

Posted February 12, 2008 09:41 AM

Robert (StAlbert) wrote:

I cannot believe that so many Albertan's still believe Ralph Klein was such a great leader - he and only he got us in the mess we are in - not Eddie!

These people might as well vote for Don Cheery as it seems they are only interested in being entertained and not governed.

Posted February 11, 2008 06:00 PM

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