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Promises, promises

February 14, 2008 | 04:52 PM

Campaign promises are the hallmark of election campaigns, and by which a government is both chosen and judged.
Track them here during the Alberta election.

What do you think of the campaign promises so far?

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Richard (Calgary) wrote:

Hugh McLean:(Edmonton)
Thanks for the insight on the environment and Oil Royalities.
It's quite funny with the big push for world control of Oil. I watch these people who think they have everything,they are the most miserable and angry people in the world. As they try to fill their empty souls with everything that they buy and steal, the more they get the more miserable they are. So, their addiction to fill their void is to keep buying and stealing until there is nothing left. These people are blinded by their own greed and addictions trying to fill their desperate cry for love with material gains.
This unmanaged growth needs to be slowed down. We need to gets some responsiblity for our environment and the government. This is not Alberta or Canada but the greed from corporate control. Let's free Alberta from 37 years of broken promises! VOTE!!! Your vote does count!!!Don't listen to media about how it doen't. This is a political game that they play and want you to believe!!!VOTE!!!!

Posted March 1, 2008 12:02 PM

Ceceilia (Edmonton) wrote:

Overall I like Liberal's plan better, but they put a lot more focus in Calgary than in Edmonton.
Edmonton also have a lot of problem in infrastructure, schools and medical wait. Edmonton's infrastructure is older than Calgary's and is in despair need of reform. People from the North like Fort Mcmurray, where all the oilsands are, often have their family in Edmonton and use our facilities. The surrounding communities also depend on Edmonton's infrastructure and medical facilities. So it's not only Edmonton population size that have to take into account when the province distribute the resources, but the population in the capital region.

Posted February 28, 2008 07:36 PM

LK (Calgary) wrote:

I find it amazing how we are reminded that "the PCs blew up the General" without mentioning the 700 beds added FIRST to the Foothills, or the expansion of all 3 hospitals now under way, or the new hospital being built in the far south.

Where was all the whining 10 years ago when landlords were reducing rents to get tenants, or offering TVs, etc, in return for 1-year contracts. If you were to look at the cost of rent over the last 20, it is up now by about 10% over inflation. Renters were subsidized FOR YEARS by their landlords. If we just bring in rent controls, then welcome to Paris. You can get a (run-down) apartment for $50 a month, but there is a 35 year waiting list.

As for day care vs: stay-at-home: what's wrong with CHOICE? Even though it imposed a lot of difficulties on us, my wife CHOSE to stay at home (although I was at home for 2 with 1 child earlier), so that ONE of could bond well with our kids.

Posted February 25, 2008 01:19 PM

Hugh McLean (Edmonton) wrote:

Whatever they may think of the other parties, Albertans at least have the benefit of two defining policy decisions by which to judge the incumbents: royalties and climate change.

Don't take my word for it that Stelmach has failed miserably on both counts: just take some time before the vote to google "Alberta royalty review" or "Alberta climate change". Visit - and when you vote, picture your kids drinking oil once Alberta's glaciers are gone.

Posted February 25, 2008 07:19 AM

Jordan (Edmonton) wrote:

How about another plan to fund new initiatives: not giving every albertan $400 to be spent frivolously, but using all that money together to "pay for the lower tuitions, 2-3 new hospitals, multiple new post-secondary, secondary and primary schools". It's an easy answer of responsible management of Alberta's wealth. Taxes won't have to be raised ever when the Heritage Fund generates hundreds of millionsof dollars in interest. Too bad the Tories just don't grasp this.

Posted February 24, 2008 03:03 PM

Joshua McDonald (Calgary) wrote:

To all those who criticize the Liberals and NDP plans to increase money to build hospitals and schools I just don’t get it. The PC party ran around and closed or blew up hospitals ten years ago when Ralph Klein was in power increasing wait times all across the province , yet people think that now we don’t need to build more? I saw this coming ten years ago but everyone hailed the pc party and now we have to clean up there stupid mess. Also I am so sick of reading people whining about the impact raising royalty rates will have on the oil and gas industry. These companies make billions upon billions of dollars a year at the expense of Alberta tax payers. I don’t understand why people believe this right wing nonsense about the oil companies all leaving the province if we raise the royalties. Like I don’t think they understand that our oil isn’t going any where and them leaving the province means they make NO money off our oil. This is just a classic case of the PC party looking out for their friends in the oil company and the sad thing is they have all these people brain washed into thinking they are all going to lose there jobs if you vote anyone other than PC. It is high time these companies start investing in the province! Good luck to all Liberal, NDP and Green candidates!

Posted February 24, 2008 12:41 PM

Higher Liberal Taxes (Calgary) wrote:

I was appauled to witness the behaviour of Taft and Mason in this debate. These 2 spent more time acting-out this pretend passion, interrupting everyone else and were chalk-full of sound bites that had nothing to offer in terms of their policy.

Apparently, Taft believes that the solution to everything is to spend more on programs.. Interesting idea in that he plans to hike the royalty rate 20% higher and hopes that the oil/gas companies will accomodate him by investing even more for his spending-spree.... So, how are you going to pay for the lower tuitions, 2-3 new hospitals, multiple new post-secondary, secondary and primary schools Mr. Taft?.. I'll answer for ya... Higher provincial taxes.

For a guy that demands "plans" from everyone else, he was damned quiet on the details of his plans let alne the reality that he'd need to institute new taxes in order to realize them.

Posted February 23, 2008 06:28 AM

Ter Hamer (Peace_River) wrote:

Peace River has no Liberal candidate. They were supposed to have one who had never set foot in the town. How can you support anyone who ignores this massive chunk of the province?
Taft also said the party wanted to thoroughly review the nuclear question -- and in the next breathe said he was opposed.
Some review.
I googled the Wildrose Alliance candidate and he doesn't register. Obviously hasn't done much and no way of finding out about him, although I thought Hinman was the best on the debate, by far.
The NDP candidate is basically running on an Anti-Nuclear campaign, which is strange in that our neighbouring NDP province to the east is exploiting their uranium to the best of their ability, and environmentally, it trumps all the reasonable cost options. Besides which, I've given up voting NDP for Lent. Also for Life. No matter who they run.
Their politics would destroy the country.
Which leaves me voting Conservative again although I am not happy with the way Stelmach has managed to use Northern money to fund southern problems. We drive on narrow potholed highways on ancient rusting bridges.
Maybe I should just spoil my ballot ...

Posted February 22, 2008 07:48 PM

JacktheRipper (Calgary) wrote:

Dead Ed with his stale promises is what 37 years of PC rule has done for Alberta.Yes! the Alberta disadvanage instead diversifing in new technology they sold the farm to Oil corporations.Open casinos through out all of Alberta and brought in crime from the broken families.Time to clean house get these thugs out of office.Vote anything but PC.

Posted February 22, 2008 03:40 PM

Lester (Edmonton) wrote:

The PC's create the problems, then offer substandard solutions-All those cuts Klein made in healthcare have come back to haunt us, and now it will cost twice as much to get it anywhere near what it was before. Some savings.

Posted February 22, 2008 02:48 PM

caitlin (calgary) wrote:

Gosh, people aren't listening--tune in this minute to Wild Rose Forum and LISTEN to what Kevin Taft is saying. I've lived in Alberta all my life and I've voted for different parties but it's imperative, NOW, that we listen to Kevin Taft--he is our only hope for the future--no other party is likely to topple the PC fiefdom--and we need to embrace a new way of doing things here in Alberta. Please don't let this opportunity go by and be stuck with another five years of PC rule. We have to get behind the Liberals--take a look at their policy platform--it's clear they've thought lond and hard about these things and have a plan to execute their policies. We must embrace CHANGE now, we must be brave just as the early Albertans were and forge ahead into a future that includes our children, grandchildren, and our environment. Please take the blinders from your eyes. Don't be sheep and go along with this any longer.

Posted February 22, 2008 01:58 PM

Lee (Edmonton) wrote:

I had pretty much decided who to vote for, until the debate changed my mind. One comment by Kevin Taft talking about affordable housing and rents where he ended his sentence by mentioning better education leads me to think this man has no concept of who is suffering and why.

It's not uneducated people who can't afford housing, it's a matter of circumstances that have been brought on by decades of arrogance and neglect by the Conservative government.

From my interpretation of his comment, Kevin Taft appears to be as out of touch as the Conservatives. He will not be getting my vote now.

Posted February 22, 2008 11:50 AM

Kaitlin (Edmonton) wrote:

To be honest - I switched the channel to the more lively, better articulated and more interesting US Democratic leadership debate!

Posted February 22, 2008 08:23 AM

Joe Byciuk (Blackfalds_Alberta) wrote:

Not much learned by watching this debate.

No one questioned where the huge previous surpluses totalling many billions were spent?
Monies are still lacking for Health Care as well as for for Seniors,Schools,Roads and Highways and other infastructures.
One would wonder if this was a Saskatchewan debate several years ago.

Billions of dollars in development permits were approved by the Province in Fort McMurray over the past 10 years.
Yet, our Government Officials never thought of building new highways leading to Fort McMurray.

Rapid population growth in Alberta was very evident over the past 5/10 years.
However,schools and hospitals were not being built. In fact,necessary repairs to some existing schools have not yet been funded or completed.

Alberta has not been short of monies for the past 10 years but Seniors are still paying school taxes. Also,there is a shortage of seniors residences throughout Alberta.

A.I.S.H recipients are struggling because of under funding by the richest Province in Canada.

Main highway between Edmonton and Calgary is crumbling and over used.
For some reason,there are no plans to build a 3rd lane and only limited discussions to date.

I was born and raised in Alberta but slightly
embarrassed of how our huge Provincial surpluses have been spent with no accounting or real evidence of massive expenditures.

Also, to me showing large surpluses consistently represents "OVER TAXATION" of our citizens.

I do not belong to any Political Party.
I will vote for the Political Party that in my opinion, will be the most accountable in the future.

Posted February 22, 2008 05:19 AM

Ron (Calgary) wrote:

Concerned Calgaryians, my sister made the same comment. I'm a bachelor, so the childcare debate didn't affect/interest me. But my sister has a child and despite Hinman impressing her at first, his comment brought her interest back (off her bare feet, you could say.)

Posted February 22, 2008 05:06 AM

Jack Kelly (Calgary) wrote:

What an appalling debate! The format failed utterly. The registered home audience made incomprehensible judgements, and the TV political scientist commentator made bizarre observations.

Noteworthy in the commentary was the bland assessment that the only person who distinguished himself policy-wise was Hinman. Well of course he did! His platform reactionary (and quiet isolated). The commentator should have noted that.

Finally, the format must have been flawed because the the remaining candidates limited much of their "debating" to trying to charm the audience. Stelmach (it goes without saying) and Taft came out with solid wooden performances.

Posted February 21, 2008 10:14 PM

Karen Leakey (Calgary) wrote:

What kind of goverment give one special interest group 2 billion dollars to buy them off so they have time to call an election. That represents almost half of the surplus of this province. Who is going to provide for my pension future. Does the goverment have a plan for us all or simply the people on the goverment gravy train.

Make pension affordable and available to us all or can't you afford to give us what you gave the teachers. Why are they not complaining and why have they accepted the offer. You gave away the faimly farm.

Posted February 21, 2008 08:59 PM

MIchael Gordon (Hinton) wrote:

Most of the debate was the usual expression of party notions. MOst of the time I can tell what each party leader will say before they open their mouth and they did nothing to surprise me. Instead I searched for hypocracy.

The only hypocritical comments that I heard all night, however, was from Taft telling us how he would spend money now, now, now, on infrastructure but in the same breath criticized Stelmack for spending money now when the costs are so high (up to 150% more he said) due to demand on construction resources.

Posted February 21, 2008 08:31 PM

Concerned Calgaryians (Calgary) wrote:

Am I the only person that believes a province led by Paul Hinnman means that women will be required to be barefoot and pregnant. It's true that there are those families that have both partners working just to make ends meet. But there are those of us who work because we enjoy it. We are in careers that we have chosen and this is how we chose to contribute to society. Why should we be punished because we want to work?

Posted February 21, 2008 08:03 PM

Natashia Foran (Fort_McMurray) wrote:

A comment from one of the leaders Wildrose Alliance leader stated that Albertans wanted their dependents at home- seniors and children-- his comment is paradoxical since one can tell the voters he is referring to are the few in the province that can afford a three quarters of a million simple family home.
The province knew years ago the boom was coming, infrastructure has not been addressed nor has the free market been able to address the dynamics currently affecting the province such as housing

Posted February 21, 2008 07:59 PM

ep (calgary) wrote:

the last queston from the female journalist was terrible.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:58 PM

Heidi (Edmonton) wrote:

Rather than making empty promises, I think Ed Stelmach has provided the most details on where he wants to take this province. For the record-rent control have never worked anywhere.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:57 PM

Scott Forbes (Edmonton) wrote:

Paul Hinman got my attention with his ideas on tax breaks for families that choose to look after their own kids rathr than placing them in a state institution. If you'll subsidize child care then subsidize my wife who stays at home with our kids.
Good points, Paul.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:50 PM

Jerre Paquette (Calgary) wrote:

One of the debaters, perhaps the liberal leader, said something like "the people want their infrastructure fixed." Well, this person wants to know whether we have a future that makes sense of putting effort into infra-structure--where's the leadership on the well-being of our seniors; where's the leadership on the environment; where's the leadership in wresting control from corporations; who's the leader who's willing to educate Albertans away from dependency on low taxes and oil income to pay for what we need?

Posted February 21, 2008 07:46 PM

Brian Yee (Lethbridge_AB) wrote:

The Conservatrive government should be embarassed to acknowledge that AISH provided minimal support to persons with disability. How could anyone live on $1000 per month?

Persons with disability need to have an adequate level of support.

Ed Stelmach and the Conservative Party have not provided sufficent funding.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:45 PM

Jerre Paquette (Calgary) wrote:

The main conclusion I've arrived at through the present debate is that Alberta has a two-party system: The Conservatives and the Other Guys.
I'm not hearing distinctiveness among the leaders or their parties' positions--where is the driving leader; what is their driving vision or perspective? The debate sounds like a gang of buddies having a quarrel.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:41 PM

Tim Creelman (Calgary) wrote:

I am quite concerned that the debate organizers would bring Barb Higgins and Nirmala Naidoo from Calgary to Edmonton, with the environmental impacts of travel by air or ground transportation, for a grand total of 2 or 3 ten second questions to the leaders over a 90 minute event. We simply don't get climate change as a society. It is all about our individual impacts.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:40 PM

Bruce Barry (Edmonton) wrote:

Ed Stelmach was asked very clearly by the panel . . "Where did you get the figure of 300,000 lost jobs?", he didn't answer it. As Albertans we deserve an answer.

He promised to train many new doctors, only to have those involved in training doctors ask 'how are you going to do that.' The PC party is too easy with figures, just making it up it seems to stay in power after 37 years. Peter Lougheed was correct when he asked 'Can you imagine a party has been in power for 37 years!'.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:39 PM

DMR (Rural_south) wrote:

Stop calling us "ordinary", "average" and "regular". Bugs me to no end.
Your reporter is calling us "average" as is Mr Mason. Albertans are none of those!
Keep Albertans out of the health care system by promoting good health before there is a chronic condition.
A tax deduction, not credit, for fitness programs (but you have to use for it to work), buy a WiiFit when it's available.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:38 PM

Jennifer (Edmonton_Centre_) wrote:

Does Hinnman realize there are people in this province? Not just industry?

Posted February 21, 2008 07:35 PM

Claire Penney (StAlbert_AB) wrote:

I am a Grade 11 student in Alberta. I am disturbed by Ed Stelmach's inability to foster true values of which Albertans can truly count on. I think that Ed Stelmach has been successfully deterrent in making our province the scapegoat of Canada's new aspirations for better environmental standards. I think that Kevin Taft has been the only leader to truly address the issues that I think it incumbent to look upon for Alberta's future. I think we need to focus on healthcare, essentially, to focus upon the ridiculous waiting time in emergency rooms. We also need health care professionals to man these beds. I think we need a true government with cement plans to address these issues! As a future voter, I would like these issues addressed!

Posted February 21, 2008 07:28 PM

Scott Forbes (Edmonton) wrote:

It would be a lot more engaging if the speakers would look at the camera once in while. is is a "televised" debate afterall!

Posted February 21, 2008 07:27 PM

Taunya Wirzba (Edmonton) wrote:

With regards to Health Care, does Mr. Stelmach understand how long it takes for new drugs to make it to the public? I love the fancy neonatal unit, the 3/4 billion doller heart institute, and the endless research facilities at the University of Alberta, however these do nothing to change the crowds at the emergency room, the lack of family physicians, general internists, general surgeons and pediatricians and the lack of long term nursing beds in the province. Throwing money at research will not solve any of these problems.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:26 PM

Disability Action Hall (Calgary) wrote:

No one has talked about affordable housing, social services and disability issues. We need to increase AISH to the cost of living. Our workers cannot afford to live here.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:17 PM

Rebecca Lotzien (SE_calgary) wrote:

Brian Taft will have my vote. It is time Alberta was responsible for the gross pollution caused by Alberta's oil sands. Socialist government puts people first, since when is that a bad thing?

I do hope the debate addresses equally serious issue of homelessness. We probably do have the highest income per capita, even among the homeless population, but what good is that if we cannot afford rent?

Posted February 21, 2008 07:13 PM

Barbara (Edmonton) wrote:

Yet again the leaders aren't offering any resolution to the public health care issue. Way to screw up a good thing - one of the things Alberta's leaders should be fighting to keep.

However, thanks goes to Kevin Taft for mentioning the poor health care treatment his uncle received. It's one case among far too many. I want to see Ed Stelmach's relatives sent to emergency to wait and receive no treatment. "Quality of life for all Albertans," my a**.

I'm not impressed by the famous Mr. Ed.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:07 PM

Adam Comartin (Sherwood_Park) wrote:

Brian Mason seems to be the only person that actually proposes ideas to solve any of our current dilemnas.
Taft is just spouting how bad Stelmach is, and has been.
Stelmach is stumbling, and is running on his record, yet wants everyone to believe he is the real face of change. He has been in for more than a dozen years to help tear down the walls that support our society, and our key services.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:03 PM

Phil Rae (Sherwood_Park) wrote:

Is time for a change , 36 years to one party make them feel too confortable and not looking after the people that they represent, The Pc will privatize the helth care as tryed many time before

Posted February 21, 2008 07:01 PM

Peter (Calgary) wrote:

We as Albertans need to walk the talk. We talk about our spiirt to take risks.It is time to start taking risks in the hopes of bettering our lives and the lives and hopes for future Albertans. It is time to to give the reins to the Liberals and put old horses out to pasture.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:00 PM

Murray (Edmonton) wrote:

I am suprised that only the NDP covered some of my concerns, as a middle income earner I am frustrated as to how much heat and energy costs albertans, how do senoirs survive? and then we get taxed on top of that. this is a winter country, I will vote for any party that puts imediate money back in my pocket. I can be bought

Posted February 21, 2008 06:56 PM

Monika (northern_Alberta) wrote:

Do our political leaders really think that intelligent Albertans will make their choice upon put-downs and blaming? What we need is some honesty, what are the actual plans? How are the problems to be solved?
For sure not, Mr. Stelmach, by staying in the pocket of big corporations!
Step up to the plate, take responsibility, you are not the slave of oil companies!

Posted February 21, 2008 06:56 PM

Jon Hall (Edmonton) wrote:

It is clear that Stelmack is only running on his record. Every response is about what they have done. Obviously that is not enough because we are in a mess in Alberta. All the other leaders, and especially Taft, are presenting ideas and vision for the future. Change is necessary and a change of government is the first requirement.

Posted February 21, 2008 06:55 PM

Richard (Calgary) wrote:

Promises for more money to the health care is a big joke. First of all, if the PC government didn't blow up and close-down 3 hospitals in Alberta, we wouldn't be in this situation. Plus, laying off all the health-care workers in the Klein years created a big void. With our southern neighbors moving to a move Canadian Health-care system, maybe this is a message that the privatization doesn't work. Just look at the mess down south. With all those people that are brainwash by the media, should open their eyes and look around there's a world market out there. Yes! The Sky is not falling life will go on.Turn off your TV and start living.

Posted February 21, 2008 01:17 PM

Joe Byciuk (Blackfalds_Alberta) wrote:


I am concerned our economy is faltering and that there will not be enough monies to pay for all the promises our Premier has made during this election.

Drilling for natural gas is down considerably
and some energy companies are leaving Alberta and to make things even worse, making investments outside of Canada. (EnCana & other companies large and small)
Drilling for natural gas and encouraging the usage of natural gas should be promoted because it is a cleaner burning energy source.

Poor timing for increasing royalties and forcing major companies to amend existing legal royalty agreements may discourage future investments into these industries in Alberta.
Also, timing is especially bad because of possible recession looming in U.S.A and the manufacturing and auto industries facing large employee lay offs.

Most of the agricultural industries are in financial trouble but little has been said about it by any political party.
Agriculture appears to have been forgotten in Alberta.

Lumber industries are also in trouble in Alberta and in Canada and will get worse as time goes on.
Not one politician has mentioned this industry.

I foresee Alberta's economy heading downwards for the next few years which is worrisome to me and to my friends.

Posted February 21, 2008 07:44 AM

Mark K. Baker (Calgary) wrote:

... Just out of curiosity, how many PC names will be on the ballot?

Posted February 21, 2008 01:27 AM

Mark K. Baker (Calgary) wrote:

I have a sneaking hunch that momentum from Stephen Harpers federal campaign may help Dreaded Eddie achieve his provincial ambitions. I hope not. We desperately need rent controls here in Calgary, especially with the continued growth we face as Alberta exploits it's oil resources at this critical time when oil is over $100 a barrel. We can't be alienating the oil companies here either. What we should be pushing for is to keep more of Alberta's revenue in Alberta and to put it to good use streamlining and improving our ailing health care system and education. Things which Eddie has not done during his time as premier, so why should any Albertan think he's going to start now. I have become a fan of the Harper government, but will be forced to bite the bullet in March and vote a different color than Blue. (Certainly not red).

Posted February 21, 2008 12:49 AM

Robert Tufts (Edmonton) wrote:



Posted February 20, 2008 05:38 PM

Richard (Calgary) wrote:

Anybody can make promises but making commitments is another thing. These PC have grown old and stale. They have no real plan for Alberta, it's time for a change. Let's bring some responsiblity in an get the dead wood out. Go! Green party Go!

Posted February 20, 2008 03:43 PM

Ed Tickles (Calgary) wrote:

We know it is perfectly legal for politicians to lie, and to make promises that they have no intention of keeping. That has been proven time and time again at all levels of government. The facade behind which they hide? "Things have changed since we were elected." "We were not aware of the financial mess the previous government created." The latest round of promises are nothing more than the same amount of meaningless political rhetoric that we are fed prior to any election. Am I cynical? You damn right I am! Do I believe that anything will change? Absolutely not. Do I care about the upcoming provincial election? C'mon. get real! Frankly, if any politician is stupid enough to ring my doorbell, they will be told to get lost before they are charged with Trespass!

Posted February 20, 2008 01:21 AM

Roxanne (Calgary) wrote:

The Stelmach government would like to cut health care premiums in the next five years over a long period of time isn;t that great over the long term? Meanwhile if you go to emergency in Calgary you can expect to wait anywhere from ten to sixteen hours to see a doctor. Lets hope its not an appenicitis case because people in Calgary have actually died from their wait. I feel for those families. We need a change and now is the time for that change and it's NOT the Stelmach change! While I think eliminating health care premiums is great I am curious as to where the funds to replace them are going to come from? How about improving the system before we start eliminating premiums?

Posted February 19, 2008 10:10 PM

Derek Greidanus (Calgary) wrote:

With a projected surplus of $4.2 billion, you would think that the government of Alberta would ensure that they're not 500 people short of a properly run election. Maybe their respect for democracy is not what it should be.

Posted February 19, 2008 09:36 PM

Dee (Dunvegan_Central_Peace) wrote:

Same ole' crap is being slung just the aroma is different. The trick is choosing the candidate that is least offensive to taxpayer wallets and senses.

The cows around here could generate fresher 'promises' than the leaders of the various parties.

Posted February 19, 2008 12:22 AM

Paul Khunkun (Edmonton) wrote:

PC Party has been in power for 37 years. They are announcing all kind of promises to improve health care system, twin road to Fort McMurrey, provide more funding for education and if we re-elect them, they will make big improvements, including the environment in the next 12 years, in 2020. How come they did not do any of these improvents in the last 35 years when we had surplus budgets. The reality is that they did not have a plan to make any improvements and they do not have any plan to do it now, just to fool the public and get their votes. It is time for a change if we want to see any improvents for Albertans. This Government ignored their own reports to increase the royalities and failed to collect billions of $$. They could spend this money to improve life of struggling peoples, improve environment, health care system, roads and edcation but they decided that these things were not important for them.
They de-regulated the electrical supply and Albertans are paying the hightest cost in the western provinces. How can people trust them to make any improvents now.

Posted February 18, 2008 04:00 PM

Paul Khunkun (Edmonton) wrote:

PC party has been in power for 37 years. They closed the hospitals and cut down on available beds. They got rid of nurses and drove doctors out of the province and south of the border. They were committed to privatize the health care system and only stopped because public resisted. I would like to ask the Premier in their debate, how can we trust him that he is going to improve the health care system, when PC party destroyed it , introduced more user fees and wanted to privatize it and he was part of it.

Posted February 18, 2008 03:37 PM

Terry (Edmonton_Center) wrote:

I used to live in BC and Sask. and vote NDP but I cannot vote PC. I vote Liberal for Laurie Blakeman. She has a record that cannot be broken. She's honest,reliable and hard working and deserves my vote everytime. I remember Public Auto Insurance in Sask. Stelmach says it doesn't work.The new Sask Party government in giving rebates back to drivers from SGI. If it can work in Sask it can work in rich free enterprise Alberta. Stelmach better get his facts right before he lies to Albertans. I predict a small majority PC government of 49 although I would not be surprised of an upset of a small Liberal minority with the NDP 5-8 elected and the Liberals going from l6 to a possible 23-28. Albertans need change and the Liberals are the only party worth electing not the NDP.

Posted February 18, 2008 01:11 PM

Dr Barry Barclay (St_Albert_Alberta) wrote:

It's time. 37 years of one party rule is enough. This election is about choice. In the past there has been little. This time is different. People are fed up with the Conservatives. The Liberals are ready and waiting to end the Klein/Stelmach dynasty and change the way the province is governed.The people of Alberta deserve it. It's time.

Posted February 18, 2008 03:20 AM

raw (calgary) wrote:

The conservatives have not made the one promise that would get my vote. That would be for them to promise to realize that they are the elected government of Alberta and not the annointed aristocracy that they behave like now. The issue of returning officers being appointed by the government exposes the blantent patronage system that this government acts under. What it really means when the government appoints their friends to run the election is that they have just given a lot of money to a bunch of conservative lackies for a few weeks work. Their only job qualification was being a friend of someone in a conservative riding association. This behavior of the conservatives to publicly pay off their pals began under Ralph and has accelerated under Stelmach. They are hiring lawyers to fight a court decision against an insurance deal that benefited the insurance companies and penalized Albertans. They are choosing their well heeled friends in the insurance industry over Albertans. When rents went out of control they did nothing but pay off the greedy landlords from the public purse to quiet the public outcry. They think nothing of buying Alberta voter with their own money. When their own study groups showed oil companies were making windfall profits and Albertans were not getting their fair share they buried the reports for several years and then only instituted half measures when public pressure became to great. Remember Ed is going to tinker with the new royalties once he gets this messy election behind him. He will have to reduce the royalites because 23 billion in profit by the majors is not enough. This party is old and tired. It is bought and paid for by the well off and the companies that are ripping huge profits out of Alberta. It pretends to be a common mans party but really only cares about ensuring increased profit for it's masters on the back of Albertans.

Posted February 16, 2008 10:04 AM

Karren Brown (Edmonton) wrote:

Just wondering why after 35 years in power the Tories can't stand on their record.

Posted February 15, 2008 07:39 PM

Peter (Calgary) wrote:

How can the PC government use taxpayer money to appeal a court decision that affects insurance companies. Why are not the insurance companies paying for the appeal? It is pretty obvious to me the so called "Change" that the PC's are talking about are just more lies. Now they announce their tough on crime platform. What happened over the last 35 years? PC's policy has always been the same; tough on crime stance is just the same old Tory rhetoric. We are tough on crime and the Liberals are bleeding hearts. I am sick of this from the right. The PC's use the military and people’s misfortune to pronounce they are the party to fight crime and only the PC's can support our troops. Well I live in Calgary and I just don't see the PC's policies working. Just ask the relatives of the people who have been brutally murdered in this city since the Tories have been in power. Where has they tough on crime policies been over the last 35 years. If Albertans want the same thing they have had over the last 35 years. The PC’s created billion dollar deficits and then the same PC government announced cutbacks to social programs and health care to pay for their own over spending. I cannot and will not vote for a PC. I have not made up my mind who to vote for, and most likely won't until I am in the voting booth. Since all votes cast are private and any decision made by the voter on who to vote for is personal decision and not be because of party politics and policies, and bullying (Which the far right wing does constantly). I wish good luck to all the opposition parties in the next election. I hope for a real change and not just a promised change.

Posted February 15, 2008 09:35 AM

Theresa Carey (Gibbons_AB) wrote:

Include the Green Party positions on the Promises page please. Leaving them out is distinctly unfair, especially when you are including coverage of the AWR party who don't even have stated polices on the various topics yet. You don't even have the Green Party's position listed in the "Environmental" promises section!

Posted February 14, 2008 07:00 PM

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An expert on underwater searches says he is sure that search teams will succeed in finding a Malaysian jetliner that has been missing since March 8, and is believed to be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
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