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The day after: reaction to election results

Taft says he'll stay...for now Audio icon
CBC Radio News | Mar. 4, 2008
After a disappointing showing in yesterday's provincial election, Liberal leader Kevin Taft
met with reporters this afternoon. CBC reporter Gareth Hampshire was there, and spoke to Don Bell about Taft's future plans. (Runs 1:42)

The "Ed" in Edmonton Audio icon
CBC Radio News | Mar. 4, 2008
It's a different political landscape in Edmonton today.
Last night the Tories knocked off a number of high profile Liberals and New Democrats to win 13 of the city's 18 seats.
Tim Adams reports. (Runs 1:09)

Reporter panel Audio icon
Wild Rose Country | Mar. 4, 2008
Two of our CBC Reporters were covering last night's election in Edmonton.  John Archer and Gareth Hampshire join Donna McElligott to talk about the results, the leaders, and what they think this means for the next four years in Alberta politics. (Runs 14:46)

Voter apathy Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
Albertans may have elected another Tory government  by a landslide yesterday...but less than half of the eligible voters actually went to the polls. At just over 40 per cent, it's the lowest turnout in the province's history. CBC Radio's Nola Keeler takes to the streets of Edmonton to find out why nearly three out of every five voters stayed home.  (Runs 2:19)

Results Made Clear by Paul McLoughlin
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
Paul McLoughlin, Publisher of Alberta Scan and Edmonton AM's eye on provincial politics, sorts out the results from Tuesday's vote. (Runs 7:40)
Edmonton turned blue Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
A number of seats changed to government colors as the PC's won 13 of Edmonton's 18 seats. Here are a few of those PC candidates who won their seats. Starting with Dave Hancock in Edmonton Whitemud, followed by newcomer Heather Klimchuk in Edmonton Glenora, and then Thomas Lucasuk returning in Edmonton Castle Downs.

Large majority means mixed reactions Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
There was mixed reaction from some Edmontonians following the election results during our live coverage at the Axis Cafe in downtown. There was joy, surprise and disappointment. (Runs 1:51)

Reaction from thedrive-thru
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
CBC reporter Adrienne Lamb spoke with some folks at a local coffee shop the morning after the vote. (Runs 2:04)

The NDP unseated
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
It was a disappointing night for the NDP. The party started out with 4 seats and finished with just 2. Dave Eggen in Edmonton-Calder lost his seat to Tory Doug Elniski. Ray Martin in Edmonton-Beverely-Clareview also lost his seat to a Tory...Tony Vandermeer. The two seats that remain are now held by leader Brian Mason and Rachel Notley. She is newly elected in Edmonton - Strathcona. Here's what Dave Eggen and Ray Martin have to say about their losses.  Rachel Notley commented about the future of the party.  (Runs 2:09)

A huge PC majority Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Mar. 4, 2008
Guest host Mark Harvey speaks with Bruce Cameron of Cameron Strategy, a Calgary polling firm, to get some analysis of what happened on voting day. (Runs 6:48)

Rachel Notley's speech Video icon

CBC's election night coverage

Election Day
Ed Stelmach speech
Kevin Taft speech
Brian Mason speech
Getting The Vote Out Edmonton AM | Mar. 03, 2008
CBC Reporter Lee Pitts discovered some unique ways being used to get the vote out.(Runs 3:16)

CBC's election night coverage

See what you can expect election night. Video icon
CBC Radio, CBC Television and will bring you live results as soon as they're available. We'll have interviews with the winners and losers from around the province. We'll give you insight, analysis and share opinions from Albertans.

Share your views election night. We'll read your comments on Television and Radio as you post them.


Week 4


Leader Interview: Paul Hinman of the Wildrose Alliance
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 28, 2008

NDP wants higher royalties Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 27, 2008
NDP leader Brian Mason repeated his call for higher energy royalties.

Liberal promises cancer centre expansion Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 26, 2008
Another healthcare promise today from the Liberals, pledging $650 million to expand Edmonton's cross cancer institute.

Exclusive story: Government secrecy Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 26, 2008
It's become the premier's mantra: cut greenhouse gases and thousands of jobs will be lost. CBC has learned the government has a report, paid by tax payers, on the impact of capping carbon emissions but refuses to release it. (Runs 2:24)

Homecare woes Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 26, 2008
YouCast helps a family tell their own story. They are doing all they can to keep their elderly at home. But home care is inadequate, wages for care workers is not enough and they have to wait 3 years for a long-term care bed.

Undecided voters Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 26, 2008
Pollsters say none of the leaders have been able to captivate voters. So how will the undecideds factor in election night? (Runs 1:20)

Can carbon capture make us green?
Edmonton AM  | Feb. 20, 2008
CBC Radio's Mark Harvey tells us about the technology behind carbon capture. (Runs 6:34)

Feature Interview with Brian Mason
Edmonton AM | Feb. 27, 2008
CBC Radio's Ron Wilson speaks with Brian Mason, Leader of the Alberta NDP, about leadership. (Runs 8:04)

Newcomers bring their votes.
Edmonton AM< | Feb. 27, 2008
CBC Radio's Ron Wilson speaks with two newcomers to our province about how they voted before they came to Alberta and what their intentions are for next week's vote. (Runs 6:57)

Feature Interview with Kevin Taft
Edmonton AM | Feb. 26, 2008
CBC Radio's Ron Wilson speaks with Kevin Taft about a fundamental part of running for Premier: Leadership. (Runs 8:05)

Edmonton-McClung is hotly contested
Edmonton AM | Feb.  26, 2008
It's a big riding in Edmonton's southwest that has been a Liberal stronghold and one where a close race is expected. CBC Radio speaks with the Liberal and PC candidates about the race. (Runs 3:48)

He's no Klein
Edmonton AM | Feb. 26, 2008
Ed Stelmach is distancing himself from former Premier Ralph Klein in this election, but is that going to win or lose him votes? CBC reporter Ann Sullivan takes a look. (Runs 4:36)

Leader Interview: Ed Stelmach of the Conservative Party
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 26, 2008

First Energy CEO undecided Audio icon
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 25, 2008
With one week until election day, many voters say they still haven't decided who they will vote for, or if they will vote at all. Brett Wilson is one of them. He's the founder and CEO of First Energy in Calgary and talks with Calgary Eyeopener's host Jim Brown. (Runs 5:10)

No daycare for kids means no career for moms Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 25, 2008
The lack of daycare spaces in Alberta means mothers like Christina Wallace are making tough decisions, choosing between a dream job and life as a mother.

A tight race in Edmonton-Castle Downs Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Feb. 25, 2008
CBC Radio's Mark Harvey looks at the ethnically diverse riding of Edmonton-Castle Downs. (Runs 5:35)

A reality check from the Peace country
Edmonton AM | Feb. 25, 2008
CBC Radio's Adrienne Lamb goes to Peace River in northern Alberta to find out about the issues and the races. (Runs 5:35)

At the door in Edmonton-Manning
Edmonton AM | Feb. 25, 2008
CBC reporters have been following politicians to the door to find out what people are saying. Here is what we heard in Edmonton Manning where Rick Murti is running for the NDP. (Runs 2:14)


Week 3


Debate reaction Audio icon
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 22, 2008
CBC Radio's Jim Brown speaks with Globe and Mail reporter Katherine O'Neill and St. Mary's College political scientist Marco Navarro-Genie. They assess the aftermath of the televised leaders' debate.

Health care issues in rural Alberta
Edmonton AM | Feb. 22, 2008
CBC reporter Adrienne Lamb travels to Grande Prairie and Fort Saskatchewan to find out about what people are saying about rural health care. (Runs 6:12)

Watch the leaders' debate
Leaders' debate - Calgary Video icon

Leaders' debate - Edmonton Video icon

Debate is opportunity for leaders Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 21, 2008
The provincial election is 10 days away and party leaders are going head to head to win your vote. (Runs 5:17)

A doctor's perspective Audio icon
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 21, 2008
The health-care situation from inside the hospital. CBC Radio's Jim Brown speaks to Calgary doctor Linda Slocombe about what it's like working on the frontline. (Runs 4:58)

Campaign upate Video icon
CBC Newsworld | Feb. 21, 2008
CBC-TV's David Gray speaks with legislature reporter John Archer about the latest on the Alberta provincial election. (Runs: 4:03)

The leaders' debate showdown audio icon
Edmonton AM | Feb. 21, 2008
Paul McLoughlin, editor of The Political Scan, talks about what's on the line in tonight's leadership debate. (Runs 6:29)

Grande Prairie QE2 hospital ER overcrowded
Edmonton AM | Feb. 21, 2008
CBC reporter Adrienne Lamb speaks with Shelley Scorgie. She's the nurse in charge of the emergency room at the QE2 hospital in Grande Prairie. (Runs 3:11)

250,000 newcomers could bring change Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 20, 2008
This election 250,000 more Albertans will be voting. CBC-TV's Dane Liu talks to the newcomers who've moved here to cash in on the boom. CBC-TV's Kim Trynacity explains how the leaders are preparing for tonight's debate. (Runs 4:02)

Foreign doctors not allowed in
Edmonton AM | Feb. 20, 2008
This week our election coverage includes a look at the Tory promise to hire 225 new doctors a year.  Some of those could be foreign-trained doctors who are immigrants to Alberta, but getting them accredited has proven difficult. (Runs 7:14)

Klimchuk door knocks in Glenora
Edmonton AM | Feb. 20, 2008
CBC Radio tags along door knocking with Heather Klimchuk, Conservative candidate in the riding of Edmonton. (Runs 2:31)

Alberta's rules for returning officers Audio icon
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 20, 2008
Some are worried about the way Alberta appoints returning officers. CBC Radio's Jim Brown finds out how the province's system compares to the rest of Canada and beyond. (Runs 6:09)

Daycare in focus Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 19, 2008
CBC-TV reporter Min Dhariwal compares child-care policies of the main three political parties. (Runs 4:14)

Racing in Lacombe-Ponoka Audio icon
Calgary Eyeopener | Feb. 19, 2008
The Green Party hopes a star candidate can shake up things in the Conservative heartland of rural Alberta. CBC reporter Scott Dippel spends some time in the riding of Lacombe-Ponoka to see how a spying scandal from last year is playing out in this year's election. (Runs 6:39)

Door knocking on the campaign trail Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Feb. 19, 2008
Politicians are knocking on doors to get your support in the upcoming provincial election. CBC reporter Adrienne Lamb goes door knocking with some candidates. (Runs: 6:36)


Week 2


Oilsands slammed Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 15, 2008
Ed Stelmach faces harsh criticism in Fort McMurray from a new study on the oilsands. (Runs 3:56)

The Scud Stud's chances Audio icon
CBC Calgary | Feb. 15, 2008
Arthur Kent was supposed to be a star candidate for the Provincial Tories. He's intelligent, telegenic and earned a cool nickname while reporting on the first Gulf War for NBC. But he ran into trouble early in the race after publicly criticizing premier Ed Stelmach. CBC reporter Jennifer Keene takes a look at the race for Calgary-Currie.

Fort McMurray is boom town Audio icon
Edmonton AM | Feb. 15, 2008
CBC Radio's John Archer reports from the city at the centre of Alberta's boom facing challenges of growth like few other communities in our province. (Runs: 5:37)

The rural vote Audio icon
CBC News | Feb. 14, 2008
Much of the outcome in this provincial election will decided by Albertans in rural communities. In the past they have been Conservative strong holds. CBC reporter Tim Adams speaks to a few citizens of Lacombe, Rimbey and Lindale to find out if anything has changed for those voters. (Runs 2:58)

Could environmental concerns lead to economic collapse?
Edmonton AM | Feb. 14, 2008
Some worry that voting for a greener Alberta could lead to economic collapse. Edmonton AM's Ron Wilson speaks with Andrew Leach, assistant professor in the School of Business at the University of Alberta, about whether that's a valid concern. (Runs 7:32)

Changing times in rural Alberta
Edmonton AM | Feb. 13, 2008
70-year-old Jim Holmgren has voted for the tories his whole life and so has his wife and their neighbours, but that's all changing this election. (Runs 6:21)

Capturing Carbon
Edmonton AM | Feb. 13, 2008
It's no longer pure science: now business and politicians have embraced carbon capture and storage as a chance to reduce greenhouse gases and keep a strong economy. The CBC Radio's Mark Harvey tells that story. (Runs 6:37)
Election Envy
CBC News | Feb. 12, 2008
The CBC Radio's Jennifer Keene compares the orators of the U.S. primaries to the speech-makers in the Alberta election. (Runs 7:20)

Week 1


Online campaigns, disability advocates and seniors make the news Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 8, 2008
Online political pranks and campaigns are changing how campaigns reach voters. Meanwhile, disability advocates are looking for support as party leaders make campaign announcements. (Runs 4:43)

Week one
CBC News | Feb. 7, 2008
Political columnist Paul McLoughlin reviews the first week of the campaign. (Runs 8:14)

Stelmach's daycare plan falls flat Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 7, 2008
Tory Leader Ed Stelmach gets an earful from mothers at a daycare who are unhappy with his promises on child care. Meanwhile in Wetaskiwin, residents aren't happy about a myriad of issues. CBC-TV's Kim Trynacity reports. (Runs 3:35)

Voting for the greenest party
Edmonton AM | Feb. 7, 2008
For some voters their decision as to who to support will depend on that party's "green" policy." CBC Radio's Ron Wilson speaks with one such voter; Dustin Bajer has set up a Facebook group for people who will vote based on environmental policy. (Runs 6:38)

Edmontonians on the economy
Edmonton AM | Feb. 7, 2008
CBC Radio's Tim Adams speaks to host Ron Wilson about how Edmontonians feel about the economy in the election campaign. (Runs 6:18)

Could you recognize the leaders? Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 6, 2008
The candidates could soon be knocking on your door -- but would you recognize them? CBC-TV's David Gerow tests some Edmontonians. (Runs 3:04)

New campaign strategies are cheap and fast Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 6, 2008
Going door to door is the traditional way of reaching voters. But there is a new election strategy picking up speed in this campaign. CBC-TV's Trish Estabrooks has the story. (Runs 2:12)

Royalties should increase: opposition leaders Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 6, 2008
Oil and gas royalties topped the agenda on day one of the campaign. Opposition leaders insist oil companies should be charged more to do business in Alberta. (Runs 0:45)

Travel mode = financial status Video icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 6, 2008
How they travel says a lot about each campaign's financing. (Runs 0:28)

Pitch for premier
CBC News | Feb. 6, 2008
Liberal Leader Kevin Taft gives CBC Radio's Jim Brown his pitch for premier. (Runs 12:24)

One family's view
CBC News | Feb. 6, 2008
Edmonton real estate agent Rad Uglijesic and his wife Karolina talk about their confidence in the Alberta economy and how it will affect the way he votes. (Runs 1:54)

Rough start for StelmachVideo icon
News at Six Edmonton | Feb. 5, 2008
A rough start for the election campaign for Conservative Leader Ed Stelmach. He laid out a new plan for health care in Alberta. CBC-TV's Kim Trynacity reports.  (Runs 3:36)

Tory health-care promise
CBC News | Feb. 5, 2008
Conservative Leader Ed Stelmach promises to train hundreds of additional doctors and nurses. (Runs 6:35)

NDP news conference on energy royalties
CBC News | Feb. 5, 2008
Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason releases his party's policy on energy royalties. (Runs 3:11)

First day explained
CBC Newsworld | Feb. 5, 2008
Political commentator Paul McLoughlin distills the first day of the campaign. (Runs 2:47)

Young yet political
CBC News at Six | Feb. 4, 2008
16-year old campaign worker Jonathan Hlus isn't even old enough to vote, yet he spends all his spare time on the campaign trail. (Runs 2:51)

Election in the air?
Edmonton AM | Feb. 2, 2008
Political commentator Paul McLoughlin explains Premier Ed Stelmach's pre-election spending spree tactics. (Runs 6:33)

Web critical to political campaigns
Edmonton AM | Jan. 28, 2008
CBC Radio's Ron Wilson speaks with a candidate in the upcoming provincial election about how she intends to make the web a major part of her strategy. (Runs 4:31)

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