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Alberta Votes 2004

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Results are not official until Elections Alberta has reviewed the results, which usually takes several days.
Candidate Party Vote Count Elected
Dan Backs LIB 3873 X
Tony Vandermeer PC 3646
Laurie Lang NDP 2371
Mike Pietramala AAP 515
Ross Adshead GRN 240
Sean Tisdall SC 130
 Last Update:  November 23, 1:25:04 PM MST 75 of 75 polls reporting


2004 Candidates:
Ross Adshead (Green Party)
Dan Backs (Liberal)
Laurie Lang (NDP)
Mike Pietramala (Alberta Alliance)
Sean Tisdall (Social Credit)
Tony Vandermeer (PC)

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Riding Profile:
This northeast Edmonton riding is bordered on the north and east by the city limits, on the south by the North Saskatchewan River and 137th Avenue, and on the west mostly by 82nd and 66th Streets. In the 2004 redistribution, the riding lost an area in the west to Edmonton-Decore and traded small areas in the south with Edmonton Beverly-Clareview.

Retail is the biggest employer here, followed by the health care and social service sectors. Household incomes average $56,204, somewhat below the provincial average, and the number of low income homes is 16.6 per cent, which is above the provincial average. The riding has the third-highest rate of single-parent families at 14.4 per cent. More than one in five people here is an immigrant, while 59 per cent were born in Alberta.

Political History:
Edmonton-Manning's Conservative MLA, Tony Vandermeer, earned his seat in 2001 by beating then-incumbent Ed Gibbons, a Liberal. Vandermeer's 380-vote victory was a reversal of the 1997 election, where Gibbons defeated Vandermeer by almost 800 ballots. Prior to Gibbons, Liberal Peter Sekulic held the riding for one term. In 1993, he beat two-term Edmonton-Belmont incumbent Tom Sigurdson, a New Democrat. Between 1971 and Sigurdson's 1986 win, Tories held the Edmonton-Belmont riding.

In 2001, voter turnout was 49.9 per cent.





 Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
PC 61 0 61 47.07%
LIB 17 0 17 29.05%
NDP 4 0 4 9.79%
AAP 1 0 1 9.10%
GRN 0 0 0 2.75%
SC 0 0 0 1.27%
OTH 0 0 0 .97%
 Last Update November 23, 1:05:04 PM MST

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