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Alberta Votes 2004

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Results are not official until Elections Alberta has reviewed the results, which usually takes several days.
Candidate Party Vote Count Elected
David Eggen NDP 4055 X
Brent Rathgeber PC 3680
Brad Smith LIB 3028
Vicki Kramer AAP 526
 Last Update:  November 23, 1:25:04 PM MST 72 of 72 polls reporting


2004 Candidates:
David Eggen (NDP)
Vicki Kramer (Alberta Alliance)
Brent Rathgeber (PC)
Brad Smith (Liberal)

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Riding Profile:
This northwest Edmonton riding is bordered on the west by the city limits, on the north mostly by 137th Avenue, on the east by 97th Street and on the south by Stony Plain Road, 118th Avenue and 111th Avenue. In the 2004 redistribution the riding lost some area to Edmonton-Glenora and gained parts of Edmonton-Glengarry and Edmonton-Norwood.

The average home makes $47,199 a year. Almost 16 per cent of residents are low income, and 15 per cent are older than 65. Retail and manufacturing are the biggest employers. Almost 16 per cent of people living here are immigrants, eight per cent are aboriginal, and 57 per cent were born in the province.

Political History:
Since its creation in 1971, Edmonton-Calder has been represented by Conservatives, New Democrats and Liberals. Incumbent Tory Brent Rathgeber won office in 2001, unseating Liberal Lance White by 474 votes. White was elected in 1993, when the riding was called Edmonton-Mayfield, with a 2,000-vote win over Tory Lynn Faulder. In a rematch four years later, White's margin over Faulder narrowed to 942 votes. From 1971-86, Conservative Tom Chambers held this riding. The NDP's Christie Mjolsness served here from 1986-93.

In 2001, voter turnout was 51.7 per cent.





 Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
PC 61 0 61 47.07%
LIB 17 0 17 29.05%
NDP 4 0 4 9.79%
AAP 1 0 1 9.10%
GRN 0 0 0 2.75%
SC 0 0 0 1.27%
OTH 0 0 0 .97%
 Last Update November 23, 1:05:04 PM MST

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