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Elections Alberta

The election is on November 22

Where do I vote?
You can find out where you vote – known as your "polling station" – from Elections Alberta website or phone them at 427-7191 (1-877-422-8683) with your complete address and postal code to find the polling station where you will vote.

How do I know if I am registered to vote?
You can verify that you are on the voters' list by sending an e-mail or phoning Elections Alberta at 427-7191 (1-877-422-8683).

Who is eligible to vote in a provincial election?
To vote in an Alberta general election, you:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be ordinarily resident in Alberta for six months prior to polling day
  • Must not be excluded under section 45 of the Election Act, which states: "The following persons are not eligible to vote at an election: returning officers, except to break a tie at the official count or judicial recount; persons disqualified from voting under this Act; persons who have been convicted of offences and on polling day are serving their sentences in a correctional institution under the Corrections Act, in a penitentiary under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Canada), in a place of custody under the Young Offenders Act or the Young Offenders Act (Canada) or in any other similar institution outside Alberta, excluding persons sentenced to terms of imprisonment of 10 days or less or for the non-payment of fines."

I won't be here on election day. How can I vote?
Elections Alberta's website can answer this question. Click "general Info" and then "FAQs" for information on alternatives so that your vote will be counted.



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