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Alberta Votes 2004

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New faces

This election put 25 new faces into the legislature: 12 Tories (nine in ridings already held by the party and three in newly created ridings); 11 Liberals (all in ridings taken from the PCs); and two New Democrats (both seats taken from the Tories); 1 Alberta Alliance member (in a seat taken from the Tories).

Progressive Conservatives:

Neil Brown

Neil Brown (Calgary-Nose Hill)
Brown will be the first MLA in this new riding, created in the 2004 redistribution. He is a lawyer, specializing in civil litigation and environmental law.

George Groeneveld

George Groeneveld (Highwood)
Groeneveld won the PC nomination in this riding after Don Tannas decided not to run again. He was a farmer, and a director of the Alberta Wheat Pool.

Art Johnston

Art Johnston (Calgary-Hays)
Johnston is the first MLA for this new riding, created in the 2004 redistribution. He is a retired police officer and made an unsuccessful run for city council in 2001.

Ron Liepert

Ron Liepert (Calgary-West)
Liepert won the PC nomination when Karen Kryczka decided not to run again. He worked in the telecommunications business, both for Telus and as a consultant. He was former premier Peter Lougheed's media director.

Fred Lindsay

Fred Lindsay (Stony Plain)
Lindsay won the PC nomination in the riding after Seniors Minister Stan Woloshyn retired. Lindsay, who has worked as a surveyor, farm manager and community relations consultant, was the mayor of Wabamun for two terms.

Leonard Mitzel

Leonard Mitzel (Cypress-Medicine Hat)
Mitzel won the PC nomination after Environment Minister Lorne Taylor decided to retire. Mitzel, a farmer, was a councillor and reeve of the County of 40 Mile.

Ted Morton

Ted Morton (Foothills-Rocky View)
Morton, a university professor, was elected a senator-in-waiting in 1998, and is the first MLA in this new riding, created in the 2004 redistribution. He is one of the authors of the "firewall" document that recommended Alberta have its own police force and pension plan.

Frank Oberle

Frank Oberle (Peace River)
Oberle won the PC nomination after Gary Friedel decided not to run again. Oberle, a forester, was on the Peace River town council.

Ray Prins

Ray Prins (Lacombe-Ponoka)
Prins received the PC nomination after Judy Gordon and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Halvar Jonson - whose old ridings were combined into this one - decided not to run again. Prins, a farmer, was the reeve of Lacombe County.

Dave Rodney

Dave Rodney (Calgary-Lougheed)
Rodney, the only Canadian to twice climb Mount Everest, won the PC nomination after Marlene Graham decided not to run again. He has worked as a teacher, assistant principal and motivational speaker.

George Rogers

George Rogers (Leduc-Beaumont-Devon)
Rogers beat MLA Albert Klapstein for the Tory nomination. The former mayor of Leduc has worked as an accountant and municipal administrator.

Len Webber

Len Webber (Calgary-Foothills)
Director of the Webber Academy, for gifted students, Webber won the PC nomination in the riding after Finance Minister Pat Nelson decided not to run again.


Bharat Agnihotri

Bharat Agnihotri (Edmonton-Ellerslie)
Agnihotri won the Liberal nomination after Debby Carlson stepped down to run federally. The realtor maintains the riding, which Carlson had held since its creation in 1993, for the Liberals.

Dan Backs

Dan Backs (Edmonton-Manning)
Backs, a labour market analyst, defeated Tory Tony Vandermeer, who kept a low profile. Backs wins back the riding for the Liberals, who held it until 2001.

Bill Bonko

Bill Bonko (Edmonton-Decore)
Bonko won the Liberal nomination for this seat when Bill Bonner decided not to run again. Bonko, who works in the circulation department of the Edmonton Journal, was a school trustee.

Harry Chase

Harry Chase (Calgary-Varsity)
Chase, a teacher, won in the riding that had been held by Energy Minister Murray Smith, who didn't run in this election. Chase is a former Alberta chair of Friends of Medicare.

Mo Elsalhy

Mo Elsalhy (Edmonton-McClung)
Elsalhy, a pharmacist, beat Economic Development Minister Mark Norris, who was thought to have leadership aspirations. Norris defeated the then-Liberal leader by about 1,000 votes in 2001.

Jack Flaherty

Jack Flaherty (St. Albert)
Flaherty, who was a teacher, defeated Tory Mary O'Neill. O'Neill first won the riding in 1997 by 16 votes.

Chris Kibermanis

Chris Kibermanis (Edmonton-Castle Downs) Kibermanis defeated Tory Thomas Lukaszuk by nine votes, and there will be a recount. He has worked in construction and was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets.

Weslyn Mather

Weslyn Mather (Edmonton-Mill Woods)
Mather, an assistant principal, beat out the Conservative candidate, who teaches at her school, for the seat. She won the Liberal nomination when Don Massey decided not to run again.

Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller (Edmonton-Glenora)
Miller, a United Church minister, won this hotly contested riding. He defeated NDP candidate Larry Booi, the former head of the Alberta Teachers' Association, and Tory incumbent Drew Hutton.

Rick Miller

Rick Miller (Edmonton-Rutherford)
Miller beat Tory Ian McClelland, reversing the results of the 2001 election. McClelland, a former Reform MP, won that race by about 600 votes. Miller, a businessman, is a former Liberal party president.

Bridget Pastoor

Bridget Pastoor (Lethbridge-East)
Pastoor won the Liberal nomination after former leader Ken Nicol stepped aside to run federally. Pastoor, a nurse, was a former alderman.

David Swann

David Swann (Calgary-Mountain View)
Swann, a former medical officer of health fired for his pro-Kyoto stance, defeated three-term Tory Mark Hlady. The riding has also been held by the NDP and the Social Credit.

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor (Caglary-Currie)
Taylor, a radio talk show host, beat incumbent Tory Jon Lord, who won the riding by more than 4,000 votes in 2001. The riding had been held by the Progressive Conservatives since its creation in 1971.

Maurice Tougas

Maurice Tougas (Edmonton-Meadowlark)
Tougas defeated Tory Bob Maskell in this riding. He is a freelance writer.


David Eggen

David Eggen (Edmonton-Calder)
Eggen, a teacher, had been knocking on doors in the riding for two years. He defeated Tory Brent Rathgeber, who won by about 500 votes in 2001.

Ray Martin

Ray Martin (Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview)
Martin, a former leader of the party, defeated Tory Julius Yankowski. Martin was also a school trustee.

Alberta Alliance:

Ray Martin

Paul Hinman (Cardston-Taber-Warner)
Hinman, a farmer and feedlot owner, beat Tory Broyce Jacobs. The riding had been held by the Conservatives since 1975.











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