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Alberta Votes 2004

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Senate Election   Senate Election
Albertans will choose four senators-in-waiting this election.
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New Faces   New Faces
This election put 29 new faces into the legislature. Find out who they are.
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Ridings to watch   Ridings to watch
While polls and pundits are predicting an easy Tory win on Monday, there are still a number of ridings that could prove interesting to watch as the results roll in.
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Premiers on Parade   Premiers on parade
Our gallery of Premiers on parade lists all of Alberta’s premiers, with brief descriptions of their achievements while in power. (Flash presentation)
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Promises, promises   Promises, promises
See what the leaders say they'll do if you elect them. (Flash presentation)
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10 Questions   Get inside the leaders' heads
Who's a little bit country? Who's a little bit rock and roll? Who's a cool cat? (Flash presentation)
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They said it   They said it
A selection of some of the memorable things that have been said on the campaign trail.
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Elections from the Archives   Elections from the Archives
Electing Dynasties: Alberta Campaigns 1935 to 2001.
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Alberta By the Numbers   Alberta By the Numbers
Statistics on voter turnout and election history.
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Alberta By the Numbers   Alberta voters don't rock the boat, they sink it
They typically don't toy with minority governments, alternate between the established parties or vote contrary to their federal preference.
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Ralph Klein   Ralph's farewell tour
With a declaration that this is his last election, Ralph Klein has set the stage for a farewell tour playing all his greatest hits.
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An Election Dictionary   An Election Dictionary
Search dictionary topics A to Z.
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