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Bird photo

Wendy E. Bakgaard sent this photo of a ring tailed pheasant. She wrote:
This Male Ring-Tailed Pheasant is on our birdie bath, Sept. 2012. He's up there most mornings about 11:45. He first looks all about to make sure that I'm watching him and then up he jumps for a few moments. He then goes back to work chasing his gal-friend around the yard and digging in our flower beds. He's truly the King of this Castle!!! I do enjoy our feathered friends, as long as they stay away from my windows. About 6 years back (on Hallowe'en at noon) a female pheasant was scared (so was I - I heard the crash) by a coyote? into flying into one of our rather large living room windows - quite the costly guests we have.
We are on 5 acres that have been swallowed up by "Aspen" Estates here in SouthWest Calgary. I grew up here and we never saw so much wildlife on the property as we do now.

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