Test your knowledge of the Tories.

  1. 1. If Alberta's Progressive Conservative party governs for four more years, what milestone will it reach?

    1. a) A 50-year political dynasty
    2. b) The party would be officially middle-aged
    3. c) The longest serving political dynasty in Canadian history

    Answer: c) the longest serving political dynasty in Canadian history

    It would make the Tories the longest serving party at 44 years. Right now that title is held by the Nova Scotia Liberals, which served for a 43-year stretch.

  2. 2. When Lougheed refused to accept Ottawa's price controls over oil - he earned a nickname. What was it?

    1. a) The blue-eyed sheik
    2. b) Captain Alberta
    3. c) The one-eyed snake

    Answer: a) The blue-eyed sheik

  3. 3. Which future premier once proposed switching the fast and slow lanes on highways?

    1. a) Ed Stelmach
    2. b) Ralph Klein
    3. c) Don Getty
    4. d) Ernest Manning

    Answer: a) Ed Stelmach

    Ed Stelmach, as infrastructure minister in 1999. He floated the idea, as a way to even out the wear and tear on highways. The idea didn't last long.

  4. 4. Did Ralph Klein Say?

    1. a) Shovel, shut up and shoot
    2. b) Shut up, shoot and shovel
    3. c) Shoot, shovel and shut up
    4. d) None of the above

    Answer: c) shoot, shovel and shut up

  5. 5. Which premeir said: "I maybe whacked my kids, beat my wife, but I've never abused a seat belt in my life.

    1. a) Ralph Klein
    2. b) Peter Lougheed
    3. c) Don Getty
    4. d) Ed Stelmach

    Answer: c) Don Getty

    Don Getty speaking about why he wears a seat belt.

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  6. 6. Which cabinet minister recorded his first album in 1961?

    1. a) Iris Evans
    2. b) Ron Liepert
    3. c) Murray Smith
    4. d) Gene Zwozdesky

    Answer: d) Gene Zwozdesky

    Gene Zwozdesky recorded the album 21 Songs for Ukranian Children

  7. 7. Which premier won 100,000 dollars in a lottery?

    1. a) Ralph Klein
    2. b) Harry Strom
    3. c) Ed Stelmach
    4. d) Don Getty

    Answer: a) Ralph Klein

    Ralph Klein in 1992. He shared some with his family, and gave the rest to charity.

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  8. 8. Who was Alberta's first Catholic premier?

    1. a) William Aberhart
    2. b) Ed Stelmach
    3. c) Harry Strom
    4. d) Ralph Klein

    Answer: b) Ed Stelmach

  9. 9. What years were the NDP the official opposition in Alberta?

    1. a) 1982 to 1993
    2. b) 1986 to 1993
    3. c) 1979 to 1986
    4. d) Never

    Answer: a) 1982 to 1993

    The NDP were official opposition from 1982 to 1986 with just two seats in the legislature. They continued on from 1986 to 1993, with 16 seats. But in the 1993 election the party was wiped off the map, not returning a single MLA.

  10. 10. How much of the province's annual revenue comes from oil and gas, on average, each year?

    1. a) 10 per cent
    2. b) 25 per cent
    3. c) 50 per cent
    4. d) 65 per cent

    Answer: b) 25 per cent

    The province brings in, on average for the last few decades, 25 per cent of it's revenue from oil and gas. It's often the largest single source of revenue for the province.


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