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Is Oprah Winfrey's Network a flop?

The Oprah Winfrey Network turns 1 on New Year's Day. But with audience numbers still low, crtitics say there's not much to celebrate. Now, with hopes of turning OWN's fortunes around, Oprah is returning to the airwaves.

Debuting Sunday, the pressure is on for "Oprah's Next Chapter" to boost the fledgling network's ratings. Our pop culture critic Lisha Hassanali has the details...

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Former Yukon Musician Returns for a Visit

The Yukon music scene is a vibrant one with a smattering of genres and collaborations. And I think it's safe to say that even when musicians leave, they always feel there's a reason to come back.

Over the next couple of days music lovers can indulge in one of the musicians we've previously bid adieu to... Ryan Enns is back for a visit.

Tara McCarthy sat down with the guitar player and singer to find out what he's up to...

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Yukon Company Creates App

Chances are the app you downloaded onto your phone or computer wasn't designed in the North. But, now there's two Whitehorse software designers who are changing that trend.

These two designers are behind Subvert Marketing... and their company recently won a worldwide app contest, officially breaking them into the online app market.

Vivian Belik has more...

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