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Music awards bringing bands North of 60

The Yukon is going to be the capital of the Western Canadian music world for a couple of days in October.

Whitehorse will be hosting the Western Canadian Music Awards, or BreakOut West. The event will bring a lot of musical acts from across the West to the city for showcase performances in front of industry professionals from all over the world.

Rick Fenton is the executive director of the Western Music Alliance.

Click on the link below to hear him speak with Dave.

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Here's a complete list of the performers;

Aaron Prittchett (BC)
Annette Campagne (SK)
Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire  (AB)
Chantel Upshaw (BC)
David Vertesi  (BC)
Del Barber (MB)
Digawolf (NWT)
Diyet (YT)
Don Amero (MB)
Fish & Bird (BC)
Five Alarm Funk (BC)
Foam Lake (SK)
Gordie Tentrees (YT)
Jaylene Johnson (MB)
Jeffery Straker (SK)
Jen Lane (SK)
Jim Byrnes (BC)
Jordan Cook (SK)
Karl Schwonik (AB)
Kat Danser (AB)
Kim Beggs (YT)
Krystle Dos Santos (AB)
Leela Gilday  (NWT)
Les Surveillantes (MB)
Little Miss Higgins (SK)
Manuela  (AB)
Marie-Josée Ouiment  (AB)
Matt Masters  (AB)
Oh My Darling (MB)
Pacifica (BC)
Raphaël Freynet (AB)
Ridley Bent  (MB)
Romi Mayes (MB)
Root Sellers (YT)
Ruth Moody (MB)
Sarah MacDougall (YT)
Sasquatch Prom Date  (YT)
Semko Fontaine Taylor (SK)
Shuyler Jansen (SK)
Slow Down, Molasses (SK)
Soir de Semaine (YT)
Sojourners (BC)
Speed Control (YT)
Steve Dawson (BC)
The Liptonians (MB)
Trio Bembe (MB)
Tupelo Honey (AB)
Wool On Wolves  (BC)