CBC North - Photo By Lena Autut

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Independant curator Earl Miller

Art curators... they're the brains behind how an exhibition looks and what works have been selected to present its message. Often times galleries have curators on staff who take care of putting together the shows each season.

As we heard last week on Airplay, the Yukon Arts Centre has decided to invite curators from Outside to take on the 2011-12 season. One of them is Toronto's Earl Miller.

Miller is an independant curator... he doesn't work for a specific gallery, but rather jumps from project to project. He's speaking this Friday at the Old Fire Hall about independant curating.

Click the link to hear him in conversation with Airplay guest host Tara McCarthy:

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IMAGE: Kevin Schmidt - "Wild Signals" video still, 2007

Find out more about Earl Miller's curated exhibit "Untrue North" coming to the Yukon Arts Centre in 2012 at http://www.yukonartscentre.com/YAC_gallery/UntrueNorth.html