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Music Playlists: January 2013 Archives

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Jan 31

Artist: D.J Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince

Song: Summertime

Album: Homebase


Artist: Boy

Song: Little Numbers

Album: Mutual Friends


Artist: Men Without Hats

Song: Safety dance

Album: Rhythm Of Youth


Artist: Young Benjamins

Song: Out There (In The Wild)

Album: Bones EP


Artist: Paul Anka

Song: Having My Baby

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Jan 30

Artist: Local Natives

Song: Black Balloons

Album: Hummingbird


Artist: Woodpigeon

Song: Edinburgh

Album: Thumbtacks And Glue


Artist: Julia McDougall

Song: When The Bird Come Out

Album: I Don't Really Care


Artist: Erin Propp

Song: He Cries (The Breathing)

Album: Courage, My Love

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Jan 29

All songs performed by Dala:

Best Day


I've Just Seen a Face


Life on Earth


Good as Gold


Levi Blues