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Music Playlists: June 2012 Archives

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Jun 29

Artist: Elliott Brood
Song: The Valley Town
Album: Mountain Meadows

Artist: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Song: Sunshine Superman
Album: The Beat Goes On

Artist: Eric Church
Song: Springsteen
Album: Cheif

Artist: Hey Ocean
Song: Big Blue Wave
Album: Is

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Jun 28

Artist: Jill Barber
Song: Oh My My
Album: Chances

Artist: Oh My Darling
Song: Ma Belle
Album: Sweet Nostalgia
Artist: Del Barber
Song: Everything Is Not Enough
Album: Headwaters
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Song: Superstition
Album: Talking Book
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Jun 27

Artist: Woodpigeon
Song: For Paolo
Album: For Paolo
Artist: R.E.M
Song: Nightswimming
Album: Automatic For The People
Artist: Lesley Pike
Song: The Great Unknown
Album: Tug Of War