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Music Playlists: May 2012 Archives

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May 30

Artist: The Tragically Hip
Song: Coffee Girl
Album: We Are The Same

Artist: Rebecca Everett
Song: Yo Yo
Album: Yo Yo

Artist: Dala
Song: Peggy
Album: Best Day

Artist: John Carroll
Song: Everybody Smokes In Hell
Album: Everybody Smokes In Hell
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May 29

Artist: Meiko

Song: I Wonder

Album: The Bright Side

Artist: Cold Specks

Song: Hector

Album: I Predict A Graceful Expulsion

Artist: Fearing & White

Song: Say You Will

Album: Fearing & White

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May 28

Artist: Macy Gray

Song: Wake Up

Album: Covered

Artist: Steve Strongman

Song: I Forgot

Album: A Natural Fact

Artist: Old Man Luedecke

Song: Mountain Plain

Album: My Hands Are On fire And Other Love Songs

Artist: Kimbra

Song: Good Intent

Album: Vows

Artist: Tia Brazda

Song: Wild Jack

Album: Cabin Fever