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Music Playlists: March 2012 Archives

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Mar 29

Artist: Plants & Animals
Song: The End Of That
Album: The End Of That

Artist: Macy Gray
Song: Wake Up
Album: Covered

Artist: Lindi Ortega
Song: Little Lie
Album: Little Red Boots

Artist: Wilco
Song: The Whole Love
Album: The Whole Love
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Mar 28

Artist: Octoberman
Song: Pool Hoppin'
Album: Waiting In The Well

Artist: John K Samson
Song: Heart Of The Continent
Album: Provincial

Artist: Feist
Song: How Come You Never Go There?
Album: Metals

Artist: Gin Wigmore
Song: I Do
Album: Holy Smoke
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Mar 27

Artist: Zeus
Song: Let It Go, Don't Let It Go
Album: Busting Visions

Artist: Pacifika
Song: Sweet
Album: Asuncion

Artist: Romi Mayes
Song: Mercy On Me
Album: Achin In Yer Bones

Artist: Amos Lee
Song: Say Goodbye
Album: As The Crow Flies