Afghanada: The Table Read - From the Words at Large blog, Greg Nelson, head writer of Season 2, speaks on the writers' journey.

CBC News In Depth: Canada in Afghanistan - Backgrounder on Canada's involvement in the country since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

CBC News - Canadian casualties around Kandahar: Interactive Map - Google Map showing the locations of Canadian casualities.

CBC News - Russell D. Storring: A Soldier's Life - Russell Storring is a sergeant with the Canadian Army and writes about his tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Canadian Forces Image Gallery - Video and imagery of Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

Canadian Forces Fire Fight in Afganistan - Five-part video of combat footage on YouTube.

The Russians are Back: An Afghan Travel Guide - Fairly up-to-date travel information for people wanting to travel to Afghanistan. The site has a great concise history of the country. Maintained by Sergei Zharov.