Episode 51 - Three's a Crowd

Written by Abigail Kinch
Directed by Gregory J. Sinclair
Air Dates: November 19 & 20, 2008

The section escorts cartographer assistant Cpl. Jessica Peters on a mission to survey and map village streets north of Kandahar City. It's her first tour of duty, and both Chucky and Dean find themselves smitten by her, and very eager to help her 'acclimatize' to Afghanistan. When she makes a social blunder with a Pashtun woman, the section finds itself under fire, and Manson is wounded. When Dean later tries to offer her friendly support, attraction abruptly escalates into 'engagement.' But there's an edge, and Dean grow concerned that her sexual interest - apart from breaking 'non conjugal' regulations - may suggest deeper trauma. And then, there's his now fractured friendship with Chuck...
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