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My Dinner with Generation X

Canadian filmmaker Brian Stockton takes his irreverent autobiographical documentaries to the next level with an exploration of Generation X, the often misunderstood and mis-labeled group of people born in the early 1960's. As Generation X came of age in the 1980s, they found themselves wandering aimlessly, under-employed and completely overshadowed by the enormous cohort of early baby boomers that preceded them.

My Dinner with Generation X is a road-movie documentary that mixes candid interviews with nostalgic childhood re-creations of the 1970s, and vintage slacker footage from the 1980s. Noted Canadian Gen Xers like Don McKellar, Mark Kingwell and Mina Shum are featured interviews, as well as demographics experts David Foot and Neil Howe.


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Part comedy, part memoir, part whining and complaining, My Dinner with Generation X is a unique experience that goes where no documentary film has ever gone: into the depths of Generation X.