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The Bluenose Legacy

This is the story of Canada's iconic schooner Bluenose. The ship is Canada's most famous sailing vessel and this documentary traces its proud racing career and its enduring spirit.

Bluenose Legacy sails into maritime history and the year 1750 when the first schooner was launched. It was the beginning of the vessel's contribution to the east coast economy, to conflict and ultimately the growth of the country. Life at sea was harsh and treacherous for the fishermen who toiled on the North Atlantic and they sacrificed much to survive.

Bluenose Legacy has rare film footage of the glory days of Bluenose. It was in the 1920s when Canadians competed with the Americans in the great North Atlantic Fishermen's International Trophy Races - a prestigious event in which Bluenose remained unbeaten.  But in the twentieth century the great days of schooners began to fade as they fell victim to war, mechanization and the oceans they nearly conquered.  But then through the efforts of those who value the preservation of Canadian heritage, the magic of these magnificent vessels lives on as Bluenose is rebuilt to once again sail the waters of Nova Scotia

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